EVO 2K6 3S FOOTAGE HungB vs Raoh and calipower among others

www.plundered.net/videos/true_tech/Evo/3s evo pools and semi finals that aren’t on the dvd ft hungb vs raoh, hung vs valle, and kofiend vs pyrolee among other dope matches

and for you lazy bastards that don’t download vids
www.youtube.com/andyabroken watch my other vids while you’re at it get my views up

some of them are misnamed at the beginning of the match don’t mind that sometimes i forgot to change the name and didn’t see it till i already had compressed it aka i’m too lazy to change it now

Its not a Yun fest anymore since all I had to view was the DVD from EVO. Thanks:tup:

HungBeast =)

Thanks for upload, True_Tech!

man, that dude hungbee sucks with oro, dude only has one arm

Oh shit, you got that match on film? :sweat:

I knew Tengu Stone was rape, but I didn’t know it was Stun Rape too. Christ.

month old bump just in case anyone missed it

Raoh is so dirty.