Evo 2k6 DVD

be ready next week eh?


This can easily be thread of the year.

yeah, when is this shit comming out? it’s been 4 months =/

Naw this is the thread of last year

The Evo 2006 will not be released until the next-generation war of HD-DVD and Blu-Ray is solved. Until a definitive format can be decided upon, Evo staff will not be releasing the footage of Evolution 2006. In order to preserve the highest of image quality as well as maximum compatibility with the consumer, Evo staff will promptly announce the release of the Evo 2k6 high-definition DVDs after the “format wars” are over.

…so, see you in 2010.

DSP, who are you quoting there and where was that said?

(I’m assuming that was a quote…)

Actually if it’s on BD or HDVD then bravo because that’s 11 normal dvd’s worth of space…haha you could cover every single minute of the dam thing on a few bd’s ha.

NKI: He’s joking.

When is it coming? any guesses? i want one ;-;

Seriously, this shit is getting out of hand already. We were promised “the fastest release ever”, and if I may recall a couple of years ago we got the DVD’s before Christmas.

Any updates?

i don’t recall being promised (or personally, expect) anything this year…

were can i buy the evo 2k4 and 2k5 dvd…i want to but them but cant find them…i would DL them but i dont have a comp. so i rather have the dvd’s i would pay somone if they can burn it for me…if anyone can help thanks

Oh yeah? Go here:


Third post in the thread.

He said, but I guess we should come to expect this from SRK’s DVD crew…:annoy:

i guess it’s harder than said when implementing sound with videos hahaha… well anyways… zzz… zzz… dvd… zz… z…

I just hope there is at least some footage… I waited months for last years Marvel DVD, payed my $10 and I didn’t even get it… Rip…

Seriously I saw links somewhere where you could get them. It might be better just to google it. Glad I got 2k4 when I did.

I wish I had because the 2004 DVD’s now are missing Virtua Fighter 4 Evo.

VF4 Evo was pulled from the dvd sale because Sega threathened to sue us.

Wow, didn’t know that.