EVO 2K6 in New York?

Since there are no topic about it I figure I?d post one. I?ve never been to any of the EVO2K events but I?ve always wanted to go. I was reading that part of it will be held in New York in an un-disclosed location.

My question would be: Is this just a qualifier for the main event at EVO2K6 in Las Vegas or will there be other things like free play. I wanted to know because I live in NY and would love to set up something with Mugen (just for free play). But I dunno if they?d be TV’s available for that or if the event will include free play.

At the local stuff here in NY I always set up at the I-CON convention out in Stony Brook?Heres some pics:


Is this Jesse??

Anyways the event afaik is just gonna be quals.

You mean this guy: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/member.php?u=34558

Nah my name is Jevan.

So if its strictly qulifiers then there will be no free play in the NY part of EVO2k6? I just wanna play some other people that are good in fighting games besides my friends in Mugen. With my new screen pack that I designed I can have even more characters organized by game from games like SS6 to NGBC and CFJ (My personal mugen is about 6 gigs is the one I’d be bringing http://www.mugen-infantry.net/forum/index.php?topic=45821.0). I’m pretty scrubby in MVC2, and CVS2 or any real game for that matter. But I’m great in mugen. Thats about all I’ve been playing and developing for the past few years.

BTW you were at I-CON?

oh ok that’s jesse, lol. No i didn’t go to Icon, it would’ve been a waste of time. Everyone at Stony sucks except for like 4 people and the last 2 years that i went i won 3s and cvs and didn’t get shit, so it was a waste of time. It depends on how the quals are ran. Personally i’d like to see mvc, cvs, and 3s quals. ran on arcade since we have CF and have a seperate venue for GGslash, doa4 and any other console game that’ll be part of evo. So it’s up to evo staff

Are any of the EVO staff mods here? Like someone I can pm or will info about what will be going on at the EVO in NY eventually be posted?

No way in HELL should it be held on Long Island(not all the way out east, at least). I’m not paying 24 bucks just to get to Stonybrook to play people who only play Mugen, a system that pretty much makes ANY character broken or unplayable.
Who you gonna have playable? Cyber-Shredder? Evil Ken with E. Ryu helper? Thanks, but no.

Pretty sure I said free play- as in just for fun. Mugen is not a legitimate game to be played at EVO “officially”- and no I live pretty far away from Stony Brook (40 min drive). I just wanted to know if they’d have an area with tv’s that wasn’t being used for the tournament so people could bring their own systems (I’d be bringing my shuttle computer of course though) to have “free play”.

Though those are well known characters for their extreme ai, there’s a lot of characters in mugen that are just regular conversions with no broken moves.

Anyway- is the event in NY gonna have an area for casual play? Not just for mugen but for those games that won’t be in the actual tournament…

They barely announced locations. Just chill and wait for the official announcements. I’m pretty sure they’re still nailing down details on venue, games, equipment, rules, etc etc. They’re not gonna stop and give personal attention to somebody wanting to bring Mugen to the tourney.

Just give it “one more week.”

Kinda jumped the gun there, lol. I didn’t see him say anything about having it on LI

Cool- I’m in no rush I just thought the info was available. I’m just happy that part of EVO will be in NY. I’ll wait for more info to be posted then.

LOL yeah, sorry. I just have this deep rooted hatred for all things Mugen-related. Too much bad blood.
Don’t help that I’m not a big fan of travelling to LI, either.

I understand the hatred for mugen. When i used to go to stony brook there were about 8 of us who played SF, while there were tons of mugen scrubs.

So what’s really good as far as bus prices to New York from MD are concerned? Or train tickets? Like, does MARC train go there? I know it goes to B-More from like, DC…

You’re gonna have to either bus it or catch a ride with someone.

Go to the greyhound front page. they’ve got discount fares starting at $25 one way.