EVO 2k6 Lost and Found

Alright, I don’t know the standard proceedure for this kind of stuff, so if someone wants to point me to hte right thread/subtopic, go ahead.


I lost my HRAP @ evo on saturday when we got a noise complaint in our room (the guilty gear room in 10125 with Heidern and lots of japanse ppl) and everyone was quickly kicked out by security. My HRAP has some white paint at the base where the cord and the box connect, so can ppl who were there check their HRAPs just to make sure? Thank you

Also, I found a brown XL shirt that says “Hey Kids, Put me in your enemies!” with a picture of a knife with a face on it, also found in room 10125.

I also lost my PS2 Power Cord, … by any chance did anyone stumble upon this? I think hsien might have it? But yeah, theres nothing significant about it. Its just a ps2 power cord.

Room # 16130.

Roninchaos and crew that chilled with us the last night of Evo Room#12127, when we were packing we noticed someone left their Innovation converter behind. I’m in possession of it right now and have no intention in keeping it, since I own one myself. PM me if this belongs to you… and I know everyone who was in our room that night too so if I don’t recognize your name, take that shit somewhere else, lol.

It’s a longshot but here goes. I lost my mini SD card for my Treo. It’s a Sandisk and it’s blue. It contained some mp3s, match videos, and random pictures. Please let me know if you found it. Thanks.

I lost my copy of SF AC for the PS2. I randomly let Exodus borrow it and he said he put it in Jeron’s PS2 but don’t know what happened to it after that. I know finding that shit is slim to none but just bringing it up. I still have a Japanese copy of 3S and I have AC on Xbox as well. I also left my pillow at Hooters Casino.

I had to let atleast 10 ppl use my stick during Evo and I constantly left my stick laying around and ppl were free to and did use it. I’d just like to thank all of you guys for not swiping(stealing) the stick since it was unattended most of the event. :tup:

My friend EROC loaned out his Team Beast Stick to the people at the team tourney for marvel and it was on a chair. It was missing when we went to look for it. Hopefully someone knows where it is and will return it. It has a picture of Zabuza from naruto and is grey on top with red buttons I believe. Thanks


You’re a bold man Dali. People won tournaments but you left your stick free to swipe and no one messed with your shit. They knew what would happen if they messed with ur shit. True OG skillz. :tup:

i think that’s megamands converter. Ask him about it.

My black MAS stick with black buttons ‘went missing’ Friday. It’s got a black Dreamcast adapter cord only, and has “Preppy” written in black Sharpie on the bottom. I was loaning it out to people, and was last seen when Potter left it on the main stage.

If it’s an honest mistake, please PM me and let’s talk shipping to get my baby back to me. If it was theft and anyone knows who took it, I will pay a reward ($50 at this point) for that information and hopefully the stick back.

I had a great time and thankfully had a B-grade back-up stick, but … that sucked. You gotta remember it’s trust that keeps things viable - I loaned out a lot of stuff (brought an extra DC and 3 MAS sticks that were used for the tourney), and when people jack stuff it kind of ruins it and encourages me to just to leave people high and dry next time around.

I’ll pay a flat $50 for information on anyone who stole shit this Evo. We need people like that to not be part of the scene.

It really sucks to hear all you guys losing things at Evo. Truth is, its not that I want to be mean and not let anyone borrow my stick, but it IS my stick I paid with my hard earned money and there are theives out there that will take things. I only let the guys borrow it for a game or two when I’m sitting next to them.

I mean, this IS a console tourny and you know you have to bring your own stick. Some guy actually got mad at me cause I didn’t let him borrow my stick for some games, yeah right. And another thing, no offense to the organizers who was working at the registration table, but you guys had games and sticks just laying on the side of the end table unattended and it was so easy to snatch it just like that.

Just stick with your gear 100% of the time, that’s all. I hope all of you guys will get your stuff back.

Someone jacked my Hori RAP saturday night. It has a black ball top instead of green and it’s missing the center screws on the face. I’ll cough up a reward for anyone who tells me who took it.

About half of the people I know that’s in the marvel scene and in my room, got stuff stolen. Someone also stole Sanford’s cell phone. Plus, erik/hevad got thier Ipod’s stolen.

It’s nice to know that you can trust your fellow SRK members. :looney: Hope you guys get your stuff back.

someone fuckin took ma mas. but i have clues

tis sucks ass man, i feel for you all. I remember taking my Comp. to AX in 99 and it got swiped too, never to be found after spending almost $1300; fuckers

I lost my treo 650 custom made headphone adapter, basically it plugs into the bottom of the phone, and the other end is where you plug the headphones in. If anyone has this, I’ll gladly pay for shipping costs and I guess a little more, and the phone numbers for all the hot beaches.


DSP is missing his pride and self esteem after talking tons of shit and just losing one match after another

if anyone knows where it is let a brother know

a Team BEAST stick got stolen? Cmon people, give it back and have some respect. It says TEAM BEAST across the entire stick, you cant steal something like that.


I lost my camera t EVO. It was a Fuji F30 with a grey strap. It was in a black Lowepro slim camera bag. If anyone has found it, please post or PM me. Thanks!