Evo 2K6 Shout Outs Thread

Start shoutin’… crap I just got kicked out of the room ^_^*.

Someone STICKY!!!

Big Shotout to y.b.g. (Reset and DJ Suupaa) and alphaism radio

First I wanted to say thanks to the EVO staff for making this EVO one to remember with all the matches, money matches and casuals going on. Wanted to say thanks to Hydra632 for bringing his consolised atomishave along with Fist and rumble fish 2 as well. To dash no Chris for bringing all his SNK gear once again and having a nice little setup as usual like last year. All the US Guilty Gear players for being cool peps to play with and having tons of casuals in the hotel rooms as well. Too all the japanese players that came this year who are all very nice people to hang out with and play casauls with as well. Thanks to everyone that showed up to EVO for making the community that much more stronger.

Dont know where to start, so ill just mash…

props to Evo Staff first off for running shit.

props to Jim Beam for getting my super hyphy all weekend. What the fuck do you know about beam for breakfast/lunch and dinner.

props to Captain Morgan for fucking me up all day on Sunday.

props to Riverside/Corona/San Berdoo/Irvine and Viscant for staying in the room.

props to Keith motherfucking Ho for drinking with me all weekend… and Props to Ricky Ortiz for just being a wonderful fag the whole weekend as well… My hands are still softer.

GG to the random srk dude who won me like $80 on one hand of Blackjack when i side bet him…

GG to random poker scrubs and lucky ass bj dealers that made me like $400 for the whole weekend.

props to all the people i beat in MvC2/3s pools who actually play the game… Smoothcat/Vencat… sorry guys… i just mash harder. props to tokido for not letting me get off a single genei jin combo.

evo was the most fun ive had all year… and im still fucking recovering from all the alcohol i had and all the greasy ass food i had for a week.

Props to all the competitors that stepped up to the plate…

Props to Hydra632 for letting me play HNK…

Fuck you to the asshole who said “one less jap in the 3S finals”. GG showing Americans have class…

FUCK YOU to those who made fun of the notion that I brought an SFAC stick to Evo…fuck you all indeed.

Overall…props to the Evo and SRK staff for putting this event up.

i may not have said the above. but it was nice having one less japanese in finals. and why is that? i ROOT for my people to win, not the japanese. The japanese players are dope, we got drunk with them last night, just like every year. But bottomline, there are people in the US that actually root for OUR guys to win against the superior players (japan) and not join the nut riding bandwagon and showing no faith in our own players.

thats all it is, we want our guys to win, thats all. i highly doubt there was disrespect. everyone likes daigo,bas, raoh, etc… but us few that arent on their nuts, would like to see our guys win it(3s, cvs2) for a change. nothing but respect, but just rooting for the home team. we wanna win it for a change. nothing wrong with that.

anyway back to topic. shoutout to main evo staff (cannons, chen, seth, shinjn, wizard, etc…) for making this they hypest evo yet

big ups to sanford to for winning against duc. i betted on duc cuz thats my boy and i gotta keep it west, but that boy is too good still. big ups there

Ok, time to start talkin’ after I’m semi-settled down in my room…

Sanford FUCKING Kelly - GODDAMN, you gave me the reason why i should learn santhrax… shit is toooooo good. Best line I heard from you “So, I’m going to order a fatburger, with fat fries, with a fat shake”+ Me - “Yea pretty much” = a priceless moment of another Mr. Kelly expression. You’re man fuckin chill, hopefully you’re tooth is alright too.

Harry Potts - GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD shit, we finished the night with hot steamy marvel matches… no homo… plus, you got erik on the 10 bucks after checkin up on the guy on the seat to see if he was asleep… which he was, lol.

Preppy - I didn’t rape you or own you for free, but I did beat you in the bathroom… nuff said, still, OUR TEAM GOT OCVED BY FUCKING MEGAMAN/CABLE/TRON, god damn! I QUIT!!

Duc - Fucking spiral… shit is hell tricky, but I put up a good showin though… right? AND QUIT MAKING ME LAUGH DURING OUR MATCH!!!

Brandon AKA D.hyo - Mad fuckin’ chill hanging out with you, shit was tooooooooo funny when you brought up the hot steamy marvel action in the bathroom… though, that proton cannon on JMar FOR FREE is gonna bug you for the rest of your lift, haha. Still, I liked our match, even though I was completely off my game the entire weekend, I still got the switch up from sent to mag to iron man and infinite you… pull that shit out, it’s hella safe and you own a character for free!!!

VietKan - GET HYPED ON THE FUCKING SLOTS!!! GOD DAMN, QUIT AFTER WINNING 500. Mad fuckin’ chill is the all I can say. You bring the hype!!!

Jmar - Cool seein you again, congrads on turning 21, welcome to being an adult… now bet that shit on slots and craps!

Rowtron - Best fucking Cable IN THE WORLD. Glad to see you guys came out of hibernation. I thought I would never play you, but now I have… and I lost 2-1… but I broke even on that set when i bet duc 5 bucks that I would beat you that round… Duc - “Row… you let me down”… Row - “WTF was that?!”… lol

Rattana - JESUS MAN, lay off the booze, still, we’ll play one day again. I was ROLLIN’ when you were drunk as hell last night after getting pryed away from poker by row and j… keep that shit real!!!

Infinite - Great meetin’ ya man, had some sick matches, looking forward to re-runing that shit back

Matrix - LUCK!!! YOU CALL 4 WINS IN A ROW LUCK!! HAAAAAA, I knew you’d bring your A-game after them wins, even though you didn’t letting me test that broken ass stick. Best line was when we were looking for a TV. I forget which room Golden Nizmar was at and you knock on 16127 instead of 16123… Some person = “You have the wrong room”… Matrix - “I have the right room…”… Me - “fuck…” walks away… lol


X - You owe me a goddamn fatshake! Still, hope everything worked out in your favor… come to florida and beast on some scrubs excluding me and eder :slight_smile:. Mad fuckin’ hype!

IFC Yipes - “I got scrapped”… me - “I got scrapped twice…”… I got owned by MS/WM… props to another evo finished, but next time, MSP ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the way, show me IN FUCKING CONTROL YIPES!

SooMighty - Props to yet again, another evo finished, you’re game got stepped the fuck up… I’m afraid of your magnus, I will almost bow down infront of the controller if you pick him… though, I did get some redemtion by beating you 4-3 in our mirrow match, til next year!

Chunkster - BLOW FUCKING CHUNKS AKA CHUNK-A-DUNK, number fucking 2, god damn… I basiclly GAVE you 20 for free games… hangs head low

Golden Nizmar - thanks for the commando beatings that you gave be, BUT, I do have a 100 percent way to stop that start up… just hold crouching back… that owns it for free!!!

DJB-13 - Brian, good shit talkin’ to that, thanks for the beatings and matches that you threw for me, haha, we still need to play initial d, I’ll own you for free on that! Keep that shit real in the islands!

Cableguy - You keep impressiing me each year, 2 for 2, make it 3, good shit!

Issac Graham - You are the reason why shit gets done… you are the bookie of marvel… still, I thought you had some sense where if fuji did put in money, your ‘bank’ would be over, didn’t they teach you that about your tills??.. haha, still, working that bet and then winning would make anyone forget about basics… OMG, that shit was hyped!!!

Combofiend - You loose once with your Sent/Mag/IM then you switch to your new one!!! aarggg… still, I did know about that guardbreak with sent with IM assist, that shit HURTS… BAD! You’re mad fuckin chill too, I appreciate the advice too, I’ll use it for sho!

That’s it for now… if I remember anyone else, I’ll edit

Edit : KillerKai - YOU MADE ME! Fucking awesome, still… WHERE WERE THE FRAGDOLLS!!! Also, WHAT HAPPENED ON THE POWER SHOT!!!

Jason Nelson - You had the most insane bracket of all time. Jeron wants to talk ‘Black bracket of Death’? This man went through Shirts, then Choi, then Justin, then Daigo on his way to top eight. Reno is to fucking strong.


RenoRob - Needs more Reno Shuffle

Scump - Yeah. Yomiyomiyomi.

Nick Yacono - Fucks them asians. This man beat Mint. With Potemkin. To good.

Sirlin - The cardgame is great, but Dhally is /still/ to strong. Nerfnerfnerf.

Team Shiekieb - Sorry I suck.

Geese Pants: Where you playing 3s on bracket A with Ken?

Anyway I don’t really know everyones name, but big thanks for evo staff for running the evo tourney and keeping the scene alive. It was my first evo experience and I am looking forward to next year.

Props to the Anji who busted our team, and the May who perfected me lol, and the pad Eddie.

Props to Ricky cuz he almost had it, dang. Props to CvS2 this year, best finals IMO.

Props to AE cuz it was cool old school counterpicking.

Props to Marvel, dang it was good.

Props for organizing, what an awesome place…see y’all next year.

I loved evo. this is my first evo, and you guys… everyone who made this happen, made THIS happen for me. I loved evo, i will never forget it.

Lots and Lots Shout outs:

Peter: Thanks so much for making this all happen, mr. rockstar. =D

Nor cal:

Bronson Tran - Don’t worry bout 2nd. You will get 1st next year. I have mad confidence in you and you are tight. Elbow drop beach.

John Choi - Thanks so much for letting me stay in your room first place. I’m so glad I met bronson or else none of this would have happened. You are my guidance. I would have been a complete wreck without you. Thank you john.

Ricky Ortiz - Good shit on 2nd. Placing high is great to see. I love your hair. haha, ill talk to you later.

Graham + Alex wolfe - good shit to both of you, keep on going. You are coming out of the shadows.

Keith - Now we know, who is the beter player… Im just kidding fool. We both messed up man, but seriously… I want to see you up there with me next year. Top 8 keith. Keep practicing man.

Eric Lee - I love insulting you. But they are insults of LOVE ERIC!!! HOA CHUN! Spicy Korean fool. Beating girls in DOA4. great ass combo. <3 LEEEESHY. We need to eat sushi next time ok? YES.

Omni - Dereeekkk thanks for escorting me back. I love you derek. O_O

White Eric - same as above…? ? O-o

Hsien! HSIEN! - HSIEEEN. Dude you’re so fucking crazy. I love it, thanks for the set up fool! … “What? Are you scared? Do you want me to go with you?” haha. Hsien, keep in touch! do you have aim?


Kim - Good shit man. i really enjoy your matches. Keep it up. I dont know why i put you under nor cal? Maybe cuz youre that cool. mmhm. straight up beaches for sure.

John Nuch - Thanks so much for the support and congrats. It was nice seeing you again, and props for setting up teh Wepeel Station! i hope to see you soon man! Love for you!

So Cal**

Pyro - Good shit up there man, i was rooting on for you man. It was very nice seeing you again. Keep practicing! Your Yun is extremely powerful…

Ed Ma - Thank you for the support. you really helped me a lot. I’ll message you sometime on aim.

Warren - I heard you took out tokido? MMMMM mr.dirty ass k groove! sorry i couldnt play the other day, security took me to my room…

Combofiend - You had the match vs ricky. that match was soo brutal. It went back and forth. I wanted to see one of you take it this shit to the max. I hope to be on stage with you next year again.

Phobos - Thanks for the support, as always. It’s great to have friends like you who support me. Without you, i would not be up here.

James - I’m not TRYING to talk japanese. I’m stuck like this. -_-

Everyone else - thanks for your support. I love you all. This includes So cal GG!!
Purrin, Storm, David, Karl, Ervin, Erwin, Kevin. My homie Cook! Henry and Hellfromabove for fixing my stick! I would’ve fucked up all customs with out you guys!

East Coast

Nick - Nice meeting you. Next time, lets money match more.

Oh My Omar - Good playing you man, you’re good shit. Your geese is solid. Hit me up on aim man. haii tripp eisen

Jasmine - Nice meeting you. You are at a very impresssive level! keep playing, i want to see you become a top.

Justin Wong - Good match. and good job winning marvel.


Ryan - get on aim more man. You are the hyphest coolest fool ever. I will miss you when you go back korea for army. Come to visit! You’re always welcomed here!


NITTO - Niiittttoooo!!! I hope somehow you can see this. Let’s hang out next year more. Congrats on winning 3s!!! ICHIBAN! I miss all you japs already! Favorite Japs Nitto!

Ruu - One of my favorite japs ever. You are so fun to hang out with. You are always happy and smiling. You were so fun to hang with and so fun to talk to. I <3 you ruu!!! Good job on 1st, I totally knew you were gonna win.

Mint - MMM japanese candy was nasty tasting, but ok. Mint! My other favorite! you are funny too. I like your evo-goods key chain! ahaha. I’m sorry i couldn’t say goodbye to you and ruu before i left!

Magoooo - Mago!! Hella rockstar looking jap. You are so pimp man, too bad you didnt make it to top 8!!! i wanted to see BEST C-GROOVE UP THERE. My favorite jap c groover.

Raoh - King raOh!!!(K.O) haha. Nice to meet you. You look like a rockstar too. I want to see you up tehre next year too ok? =]

Bas - Nice to meet you finally bas. Next year, you will get first. no doubt. I want to see you win beach. Do it!!! beaach.

Kindebu - Good job 1st this year. keeping the Jap 1st place legacy. GOLDEN FATTY!

Ino - I like your outfit, hella cool. very unique. still rocking k groove!!

My props go to Eder for just getting to the finals…

Sanford Kelly for beating Duc’s Spiral…wow…

Gengis: Good meet, bad beat…They should’ve given you a wild card shot for the bs you had to go thru…

Ver: for room.See ya’ll next week. Oh yeah I don’t have the MVC2 dvd so check with eder. Next time if this is in Vegas again,I’ll just get the house all set up to save money.

To everyone that i met this year and from last year,hope to see ya next EVo and thanks for making a Alaska Black feel welcome.

I see where you are coming from. I want more US players to show competition, and win the finals…but I found that comment taking it too far.

Besides, it was just one idiot…I put him in his place anyway.

Thanks to the Evo staff for giving scrubs like me a chance to shine in Vegas :wink:

and whoever from the evo staff who was playing Old dirty bastrad at 10 in the morning…good shit. lol thats riot music when you’re playin casuals.

i loved the matches that combofiend,bucktooth amd ricky played in cvs2. Came down to Vegas with a friend of mine who doesnt even play fighting games but is now hooked cause of those matches. pure excitement

it’ll be interesting to see what else the evo staff has in store for next year. props to them again. keep it up


gaso- for housing us drunks aka me

john- thanks for the aspirin!

gene- for making top 8. SD is hella proud of u foo!

wuziq- for ur awesome camera skills :stuck_out_tongue:

nam- whats good? captain whore! u are the drunken master! and happy early b-day foo!

keith- for being a lightweight, ha! jk :stuck_out_tongue: thanks 4 the pop tarts, they were top tier!

ricky ortiz- for intro. me to cap n’ coke! YUM! when i visit lets SHOP!

vanessa- for being hella awesome! it was nice meeting u. i likey ur tote bag :slight_smile:

bean- for being underage. u owe me, ha! good seeing u again.

phobos- also, good seeing u bro! lets see the footage!

andy- thanks 4 letting me drive ur awesome ride! albertsons FTW!

albert- u’ll find the GOLD soon!

evo staff- for making my 1st evo experience a memorable one. good shit!


First off, thanks to the Evo staff for putting all this shit together had a really good time during the whole week in Vegas for the tournament…

Nam: thanks for making shit happen and making me have some of that shitty jim beam… god damn. The next night I tried drinking hella jack to up my tollerance i dunno…

Jal - Keep looking for that GOLD i already found some.

Jesse/Ricky - for riding the GOLD train, lmao. Wakes up with another person’s body over mine…

NorCal/So.Cal/RiCo - as usual good shit, had a great time.

Edison - you suck at parking lots but good shit making it to the Albertsons haha.

Albertsons/Bar near the food court - for making my saturday the best day in Vegas

Drage - thx for the KFC and drinking with me all afternoon/evening in the conference room haha. A3 casuals were dope too.

Smooth Cat - nice meeting you, pretty chill guy.

Top finalists in each game: good shit esp Gene/ricky/reset/etc.

Those LV peeps - Thx for setting up the NeoGeo and Tenka/etc, i think I spent all of Friday morning/afternoon playing casuals on it.

Tokido: gotta love that cheap ass CE Bison almost beat dude w/ barlog till he got that one psycho crusher on me and ggpo.

Random props:

Hooters / “TV” bitch: haha wtf words cannot describe…

Red Rock employees hella harrassing me at 5am about which hall im going down where im going, what i’m doing.

Captain Morgan + Coke.

Taking 2 hours to go to Golden Nugget and get there and leave…

I got a few more…

Props to Complexz for kicking my ass in SFA3 and Super DBZ.

Props to Vortex (not an SRK member) for housing me and Complexz…and for showing us around Vegas.

Boo to the finals announcer…boring.

shout out to my EC ppl:

josh dub: you that dude plain and simple. Hope everything is alright with the sunglasses and stuff. 145th and Lenox Ave, Come to cali!!!

Brandon: you’re too nice. Shit was fun playing you again in the tt and casual in the bathroom(no homo) lolz.

Erik: good shit owning me in marvel (again). Also, good shit taking that bathroom bet. hahhahhahhaaahhahahahahahaahaaahahahahh
aahhahaahhaahhaahahahhaahhhahaahhahaah. you nice.

Money mothafucken MIke: always a pleasure hangin with you duke. You’re the best man. We need you back in cali!!! good shit getting hype and lettin em know where you’re from.

ORG: good games. :slight_smile:

Preppy: sorry about the stick, if no one returns it, I will definitely reimburse you for that.

who ever took that stick: I HATE YOU. karma will get you

vercette: you’re a cool ass guy. Glad i got to know you outside of the internet lolz. Good games, hope you have/had a safe flight.

SamB: you are fucking dope. Glad i got to meet you. Keep staying fly( no homo) with the sick kicks and gear

Ruin: you’re fucking gay dude. Touching me and shit. <3 mex <3 bapeys <3 you

Wes: sorry about the pic my dude, i could not find anyone with a key to my room -_-. I’ll get you that pic ASAP. Also: you are tooooooo nice. It was dope seeing soap with you, keepin that theater HYPE AS FUCK. Also that outfit on saturday. OH NO WAIT TIL I GET SOME PICS UP. SHIT IS A WRAP

Bacari: I owe you my life, thanks for letting my chill in your room after i got locked out of my room. <3 You sweet btw. REAL SWEET. Keep thizzin.

True TREEZY: DIPSET ALL DAY. lol. you nice on that rub game. That shit is so serious now. lol. Keep thizzin. It was dope kickin it with you. WELCOME TO DIPSET.

Aaron: you a sweet and sour ass ho. Nuff said. Come to cali…

yipes: good shit raping me again lol. you’re too nice. Always a pleasure hanging with you. See you on your coast soon :wink:

Liston: you’re the shit. always a pleasure seeing you at tournies.

Sanford: you suck still. I can’t believe you thought you would make it out of your pools. just kidding. You’re the shit congratz on beating duc, and regaining all that you lost. Keep moving the movement pimp.

Soo: good shit playing hellllllllla good all weekend. Good shit making a comeback on erik and making that CAKE.

reset: good shit bitch. Glad you got 3rd. <3

ROSSIMUS FUCKING PRIME: I love you. You made bill and I proud with your showing at evo. I love you.

justus:AND YA BROKEN?!?!?!!!


Justin W: greatest of all time. huggles.

Chris Matrix: Always dope seeing you. good shit

DSP: you’re a sweet ass dude. <3

JaL: I love you. Good shit in the tt.

Isaac: how you get so nice? FOOT JOBS AND MASSAGES ALL DAYYYYYYYYYYY. congratz on making marvel the best games(once again) in the universe.

Vic aka dogface: you’re hella dope man. huggles.

cali guys: good shit, you guys are dope.

watts: you’re the man. <3

Duc: good shit regardless of what people say. You played your heart out, and it showed through your play. Thank you for reppin cali hard body.

seattle: nice seeing you guys again. Rowtroooonnnnnnnnnnnn.

anyone i missed: i’ll get you later :slight_smile:

This years EVO was hella hype! Good shit to everyone and a special thanks to the EVO staff for their hard work and dedication in making this possible for all of us.

I’ve met quite a few people over the days in vegas so here goes my list.

Justin Wong - Good shit retaking your crown this year. It was hella cool having random get togethers between you and all the cats from both coast over a game of coin flip. Tails 16 times in a row for the win!

Sanford Kelly - You’re a beast - nuff said. Thanks for all the compliments - all that has been said and done between you and I are now squashed. Mad respect for you bro.

Yipes - Mother fucking YIPES! Man that storm reset you did against Genghis was ILL - too fast - too good. I got respect for you.

Liston - My black bro - haha what I said was hella funny wasn’t it? I almost shitted my pants when I thought about what I said to you. No offense taken hopefully - it’s all fun and games.

Matrix - LOL - your comment about RICKY O - dang dawg that was hella funny - it was the perfect comment at the most perfect time. Did we ever get to play a game against each other this year?

D HYO - Bro - you’re hella mad chill - my favorite moment was our shoto match and our funny/deep convo on life and the grubbing after hours of not eating at the hotel. Stick to your heart dawg -

Vercette - See bro - its easy to be hella good. You surprised a lot of niggas this year with your performance in the ROOM - good shit. Do that again in the years to come.

EDER - Hey man - what did I tell you about playing smart bro? You made it to top 8 and you graced fools left and right with a little advice. Apology to all my other homies who lost to EDER because of the coaching - I wasn’t thinking I guess LOL.

SamB - Yo sam - hella cool finally knowing who you are. Did you finally get your stick back? Keep practicing man - there’s a lot of potential for your team.

Potter - HAHAHAHAHAHA is all I can say - you know you and I are cool. Good shit with all the funny moments you made this year. The match between you and ORG had me hella laughing lol. Nice shit against sanford and hyo during the team tourney match

JAL - Miracle child! Good shit in the team tourney beating justin wongs team. Your santhrax is nice.

Ricky - Hey man - BI - GAY - Straight - whatever dude - you’re og and one of the homies. I heard of some funny stories with you during this evo. Good stuff keeping people entertained. The fairy Jump off the stage after combofiend and you had to
the gayest funniest shit I’ve heard this year.

Buk - My viet bro - Tell me whats good LOL - its time for you to finally come to marvel and grace niggas with your viet powers! VIETS for the WIN! RED ROCK orange juice is a rip off!

Choi - You’re looking good man. Your comment about me and you switching places on how you were never as big as me was hella funny. Good shit on your performance this year. You gotta dress shorts and flip flops for us just once during evo.

Jason COLE - Did you see my FRO? I’m trying to grow mine out as huge as yours - I want that powah! It’s always cool to see you.

Triforce and Homie - Dang dawg - you sound hella cool and I wish you the best of luck with your task in creating that atmosphere you and your buddy were telling me about. It’s funny hanging around you with all the EC cats around - I get to see funny drama all day long. LOL WC for the win in coin flipping.

The piano dude - That was great getting to see some variety this year. You’re awesome on the piano - you know who you are. I just wanna give you props - you and fanatiq playing by ear - dope shit. I just can’t remember the name. I’m horrible at that.

Colorado guys - I don’t remember your names - it was great meeting you. Let’s hang out more besides gaming during future events. You guys are dope. Thanks for the compliments -

Oregon Crew - Always great to see old faces man - bring jackson back - he’s talented.

Jmar - Great meeting you for the first time. You’re hella sick and your gameplay is amazing. Beating down 3 west coast players in your room 40 to 2 is good shit. I won’t mention those 3 names cause I’m sure they don’t want people to know LOL.

Rowtron - Yo dude - you’re still sick. Good matches between you and sanford and thanks for making us the cake LOL. Hope to see you more often - WC marvel needs people like you to keep the fire going.

Cody - Next time man - you’ll do good. I won’t coach again against you guys. Wasn’t really thinking about it. I’ll coach anyone.

Rattana - LOL - You make me laugh. It was great seeing you again. Represent that WC.

ORG - You talk hella mad shit in matches but its funny. I like it - keep up the good work and come back stronger. Potter is waiting for the next challenge.

Xecutioner - You still got it man. Go and own fools left and right and show what’s up. I’m sure you made more than enough to get back to NY.

SOO - Dawg - Stop showboating - you’ll be 3 times better than you are now if you just changed that shit. :slight_smile: Next year man Next year.

Duc Jr. - You know what’s up fool - keep laughing hard and making other people laugh. The real Justin is a cool cat.

Chunksta - Good stuff chunk - I was rooting for you. Maybe next time.

Crizzle - LOL - Jump back cable for the win! :slight_smile:

Chris S - You had some good shit man - how the hell do you guys move so fast? Let’s play more again. You got some potential.

Viscant - It’s always good to see you. LOL - Everytime I see you its Nostalgia for me. Looking forward to your evo log.

Korngo - LOL - you have a dope personallity - keeping using that good shit. You know what I’m talking about -

Cableguy - The best cable in the world! :slight_smile: Build some nerves of steel steven. You can grace anyone - just don’t get nervous.

Valle - You know me and you go way back. It was great hanging with you again. We had some good times and the stories we had lol - afrolegend hella loved it. Nothing can replace what we had to go through during and after evo but that’s ok I wouldn’t change anything about it.

Issac - The peoples champ! Looking at you makes me laugh cause you hella look happy all the time I see you. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ you are.

Carnevil - Good games man - I had fun playing you at your best. I now know why you win in TEXAS.

Jasmine - Great meeting you. I heard you beat fools in CVS2. Great Job.

Dogface - Yo dude - it’s always great to see you. Thanks for all the support and help in setting up all types of shit for the community. It’s much appreciated.

FFA Peeps - You guys know who you are. DIsco, tushar, G $$$$, thanks for everything. Oscar and I appreciate the help. I’m sure favors will be returned many folds.

Ranma - Yo Chris it was a pleasure seeing you again. I think the great part of seeing you is you with your asian cheering squad lol. You wouldn’t believe how many guys kept on asking me who they are lol.

Fuji - Yo nigga - good stuff with taking care of bidness. Hyping the MM and the tourney - it was great!

Smoothviper - Amazing stuff man - you did great in all your money matches. You’re hella funny too. Silent marvel LOL - now what lol.

My list is probably too huge lol - Anyone I missed don’t worry you are not forgotten. Good shit to everyone and I hope everyone had a good time.

peetey s post should have a serious no homo disclaimer i dont think iv seen so many "i love u"s since i was reading notes in middle school