Evo 2K6 Shout Outs Thread

ruin- good shit man. i hate playing your ass because you remind me of bill. just BANANAS. marvel = luck + execution. you nice with bapes.

w3s- jesus christ…the new fuckin cam’ron. that gear you wore on saturday was beyond real. we should go drank.

potter- good shit in the team tournament. you were playing how you SHOULD be playing. your sentinel is too serious.

nam- thanks for providing entertainment for everybody in 11130 and your new best friend ricky. all that gay ass shit you were saying between the two of you was solid gold. i couldn’t handle it. you are the best at 3s btw.

duc- good shit in mvc2. those were some intense high level mvc2 matches between you and sanford. it’s been a while where i can watch a marvel match where everything is so simplistic and precise and lose my voice at the same time. good shit.

true_tech- i didn’t really talk to you much but good shit for repping all that dip gear. lay off that fatburger…shit fucks up stomachs and your gastro system FREE. i need to level up.

edison-i’ll find gold soon. just you wait…

valle- jesus christ. i have no idea what you were on but you were a fuckin monster this whole evo trip. you + all og heads in st makes me want to pick up st ryu. i guess, in the end, i really did need to practice for evo. good shit.

watts-i just want to say good shit for making me realize how advanced you are with ken. whenever i watch you play against another ken, i don’t see how you ever lose. you made me realize what i need to do with ken to be the cream of the crop.

combofriend- jesus christ…you had IT! it’s all good. we know what’s good with everything in life. we’ll have to go drinking with run + rico to make up what we missed during your bday. INDIAN GOGGLES. haha

ricky ortiz- man, you say some mo ass shit. you and nam should have conversations whenever i’m bored. good shit on 2nd bitch. stop smoking ho.

hak- good shit in top 8. all that practice paid off.

rossimus prime- you are the best at betting. fuck marvel…just bet on people playing.

aaron- you the nicest with betting and wasting all of your money on starbucks. keep dreaming about being nice with dudley. ha

graham brothers- wow…y’all nice in st. that’s it.

andy- man, we are the gold brothers. ain’t nothing stopping us.

matt- you are the best with finding shit to do with girls on drugs. OH, WHAT A NIGHT!

jesse + club cherry - thanks for a good story for me to tell during the weekend. i’ll get you back jesse soon enough.

buktooth- good shit representing the crazy viet style with that mexican as hell team. you owe me lunch ho.

kim-good shit beating bas man. jesse was telling me you didn’t think you could beat him. CRUSHING DREAMS. u nice.

justin FUCKING wong-good shit walking out of evo with 6250 in the mail. good shit in all games. you turtling bastard. see you in cali if you actually roll through.

flash g- it’s always good shit seeing you man. you don’t even need to say anything besides EC and i’ll die. we should actually practice 3s to make some gold. PURPLE PIFF BISON FOREVER.

desmond, erik, hyo, wigfall, liston, and all ec heads- i didn’t really get to talk to all of you guys but i’m glad you all came to evo2k6. it’s always entertaining to watch you guys money match everybody in mvc2. see you guys next ecc.

good shit to the evo staff.

Well, well, where to start…:sweat:

Duc: You’re the TRUTH, man! Great times we had in the hotel room! You’re SUPERMAN one hand push-ups were too beastly! OWNAGE! My fav moment chilling with you was when you did some random dance while walking by the TV during one of desmond’s MM’s in the hotel room, and singing this booty booty everywhere song. ROFL! I still laugh when I think about that because there was this silent pause when u did it hahaha! But yea, you’re mad chill and cool deep/funny convo’s we had as well. Hope to see you around at another HUGE major my friend.:lovin:

Sanford Kelly: You truly are the PRESIDENT! Thanks for putting on a great show vs duc. You broke those nerves my duke!

Justin W: You owned it up with that psylock comeback on that guy’s santhrax in team tourney! Nice!!! Awsome chillen with ya again as well!

Potter: All I gotta say is… AND YA BROKEN??? :rofl: Awsome chilling with you the entire time at evo and good stuff talking trash to rahsaan during your MM’s with him. Nice job owning me/sanford during team tourney and being the funniest mercenary I’ve ever known.

Ricky Ortiz- You’re still my fav CVS2 player! Awsome job of making top 2 and almost winning the title! You’re the best IMO. Kendevu just got lucky on you. Awsome chilling with you again and hope to see ya soon. Btw, wicked HAIRSTYLE.

JMar aka Mr.Impossible: The way you won over me during singles and team tourney was impossible! LOL! It always happens that way when me and you play! I should’ve never gave you that nam :sweat: J/k bro, you rock and it was awsome chilling with you again. You still be rocking some of the best gear ever.

Rowtron: That victory over u was for SANFORD! LOL! Nah, but good stuff man! You are always mad chill and still dressing stylish as ever. You are still sick in marvel and I’m suprised cause I haven’t seen ya play in a long time.

Golden-NZ/DJB-13: Cool hanging with you guys and fun talking to you outside of that starbucks early in the morning. You both are mad chill and I hope to hang out with you another time.

Dark Prince aka Justin: You’re mad strange and random at times, but it’s too funny. Good stuff hanging with you and having those hillarious hotel moments when everyone was acting like a fool and the steamy bathroom marvel sessions were going on.

Magnetro- Cool meeting ya bro and we’ll catch up on good times when we chat it up on AIM. Sorry I forgot to get your CD from ya, but I became too busy and it was hard remembering a ton of stuff.
Vercette: YOU OWNED ME FREE with that switch out combo! I’ll never mirror match you again lol! Nah, but nice times chillen with ya, bro.

Ruin- Had a blast playing ya in those MM’s earlier in the day. Keep up the wicked style of clothing and stay chill as always. I’ll hit ya up on your cell sometime.

Cableguy- Hope ya enjoyed the HYPE ( SMOOTHVIPER) of the EC! We’re always like that, so don’t take it personal. LMAO, just try to get wild back and enjoy yourself. You’re really good in marvel and your cable is OWNAGE. Good MM’s we had, but I wished we could’ve played more. Cya around!

Soo- I’m glad I finally got to meet ya in person, bro. You’re mad chill and a sick player! Great MM’s we had, but I wish I had you’re full attention during the last 3 games because your family came in the room. I know how it is bro, so it’s all good. Oh, and that blackjack dealer was OWNING you lol! She was a slutty MILF though. Good games against smoothviper, dude. I’ve never seen anyone have close MM’s with him like that besides EC players. DOWN TO THE WIRE!

Ghengis- Nice meeting you, dude. You’re a very cool person and great santhrax player. Wish we got to chill more, but it’s all good. Cya around next time.

Crizzle- Stay blazed homie! :looney: You’re mad funny yo! Hope we get to chill more next time around.

Phat Toi- SICK IRONGUY! Love the pad warrior style you had. Awsome MM’s we had and nice meeting you!

Isaac Graham- You’re the inspiration of gamblers everywhere! LOL! You created MONSTER’S, bro! Good stuff though hahaha! Always good chillen with ya as usual.

Mike Watson/Hevad- You guys are the high rollers of the fighting game community. All of the high stake bets went through you guys. Thanks for making a lot of things possible and giving everyone a good time watching those money matches.

EVO STAFF- Thanks for making everything possible! We all are very greatful!

EC playas- Y’all know who you are. Great time chilling with everyone the entire weekend and we showed the WC the EC HYPE! We bummed it up in the Mvc2 singles, but we redeemed ourselves during those MM’s!

P.S- SmoothViper is the KING of MM’S!

Shouts to everyone that attended. Ups to the east coast for reppin. My svgl peeps good job. I would have stayed for the whole turny but couldn’t find a ride to the airport. Oh yeah Bronson nice job!!! Told you we had your back (Kill the marsupial) LOL laters…

All I got to say is TEAM WEST COAST , CALI , THA BAY, and OREGON !!!

And buy Shankar's Inside Evo Documentary !!! BITCHES !!!!!!!!!!
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Good shit at Evo 2k6. I got wasted and sent back to DC metro like a red headed stepchild but that’s what I wanted to experience. The pressure of playing against sooo much competition that’s aiming for the same thing. Losing like a bitch was tough…but an event that will only help me in the future. Shout outs…

Smoothcat: Good shit meeting you in person. You’re mad smooth fo sho. Watching you guys play CVS2 wants me to get back into the game but 3rd Strike is still my shit. P Terry FTW!

Some guy named Mike Z: Good shit meeting you at the tournament. SA3 Makoto is crazy shit. After activation she can do some real nasty setups from the karakusa. Next year we’ll definitely have to get some more games in.

Renegade and Iraq Pat: Good shit for lettin me stay in your room n shit and teaching me some CVS2. I like P Kyo and he would be a good character for building bar for my team. I still like P Terry just cuz his pokes are good and he’s random as fuck for people to play against. P Geese or Cammy seem like a good R2 character for P groove. Only problem is P groove gets flat out wasted by A groove. I have to outsmart the A groove player or I have no chance. Being able to fend off RC’s pretty well is nice but random activate still owns me like a bitch. Sorry for not representing 3S like I should have…Makoto fucking owns me.

Exodus: Good shit qualifying at Evo East and hurtin peepz in 3S. Sorry for dissapointing you in the tournament. It was my first big tournament and I wasn’t paying attention to shit like I should have. The shinobi definitely could have won some more matches if she got her shit together a little better. Labor Day C3 event here we come! RPS!!!

N-Ken: Good shit meeting up with you again. You’re mad cool and yes, Jamie is an awesome person. Playing 3S casuals in the bathroom was hella cool and you’re a beast on some broken stick SF in the arcade. Next time that iPod in the Stacker game will be mine! I know that shit is almost rigged but I’ma get paid next year. FRIED FUCKIN CHICKEN!!

Afro Legends: Good shit holding it down with DeeJay agaisnt Daigo. The fact that you did that well against him with DeeJay is amazing. I know you could hear me telling you to pick DeeJay from like a mile away. :lol: DeeJay is too fucking good. He’s gonna be my new main after watching that shit. Represent Jamaica bitchez!! OOOOHH YEEEAHH!

KO Fiend: Good shit meeting you in person. We both have the same first name which is really cool (even though no one calls me Johnathon). You definitely have that east coast mentality when you play. Very critical of what’s going on when you’re playing and not afraid to let people know what they could be doing better or when you fuck shit up. Can’t wait to get over to NY to play more games with your Yang. I like wake up parry. I remember you looking for something (I guess an arcade stick) during the tournament. Did you find it?

Jack Lee: Good shit meeting up with you in person. I heard you had a sick Ibuki so being a fellow Ibuki player it was good to see you in action. You must have been doing well seeing that Mopreme was cheering you on during some of the matches. Mopreme knows a lot about the game so you must have had your shit together. Sorry about putting the hurt on you in our Ibuki mirror casuals. I guess I just have more experience in that matchup since one of my guys from our local tournaments is also a regular Ibuki player so I have an idea of what to do in the matchup and what to look for. If I had picked anyone else I’m sure you would have wasted me though. You seem to know the Ken matchup a bit better than I do so maybe I can learn some shit from you for next Evo.

PVFP/umthrfkr/Full Tilt Poker Warrior/T.Hawk/Jamie Austin av genius: Good shit chillin wit you again. Alex and Oro are too fucking good. Always love watching you beast on people with those two in 3S. RPS is your game for real. Keep holding that shit down. Oh and next year you’ll have to come out with a fucking super serious face when playig Mario Kart Arcade. Free wins against Kimmicks and Jose if they come down.

Alex Valle: Good shit meeting up with you again. Nice shit beastin on Daigo in semis. Too bad I wasn’t there to see it. Custom Happ sticks FTW. I can’t imagine Daigo was too happy about that but I heard peepz was going crazy over that shit. West Coast is serious in 3S. I really have to learn to adapt to you guys to have a chance next year.

Bacardi: Cool to meet you in person. You ran the brackets well and knew how to get shit organized during the tournament. Thanks for rigging the brackets and sending me back to VA. Next year I’ll come with that hard shit though and the ninja will make her way to the top. :razz:

Everyone else that I forgot to shout out…GOOD SHIT and I’ll see you next year when I’m old enough to actually do shit other than sit around and play games for 3 days in Vegas.

Sup peeps. This is Mike aka N-Ken’s friend. Evo 2006 was the shit. Hella exciting, HELLA HYPE. Marvel was the shit (even though I don’t really play Marvel). Anyways, shoutouts to…

Evo Staff: Good shit on Evo this year. Everything was on spot. The only thing bad was not having tvs to play casuals in the rooms but thats already been stated many times. Hope next year turns out as good as this year.

Capcom for coming out and supporting the scene.

Eric/Kimmicks/Ramza34: It was cool to meet you. You are hella chill. Your Makoto is pretty sick too. 100% stun hurts. You’ll beast on KSK next time, I can feel it. And I’ll send out those Hori buttons this week or next week. I hope to see you again at the next Evo or if I end up visiting VA sometime.

John/DevilJin 01: Nice meeting you. We didn’t talk much but it was still cool. Your Ibuki is good. I finally have experience against a good Ibuki now. Too bad I didn’t know you needed a member for Slash beforehand or else I would have asked.

Brian: Nice meeting you too. Sorry, I don’t remember your SN but I do remember it had BB Hood in it. Good shit in Melty Blood. Keep up with that Arcueid.

MD Phil: Nice to meet you even though we didn’t really talk. And like most people, I really did mistake you for DSP the first time I met you.

Pat/umthrfkr: Thanks a lot for letting me room. Your RPS matches were nice. Rock is broken tier. Oh and your picture on Mario Kart was priceless. I was laughing to tears. I should have taken a picture of that.

Jason/Rugal B.: Cool meeting you. Good shit on qualifying. Hope you do good next year too.

Khang/Exodus: Nice meeting you even though we didn’t really talk much. Keep leveling up that Yun. Oh yeah, I think you left your towel and charger in the room. Someone from the room took it to give it to you though (I think N-Ken).

Pat (the one in the military): Nice meeting you. You’re a really cool guy…and rich. BALLIN.

Robin/Renegade: I didn’t really converse with you but you seem pretty cool. Cool to meet you.

N-Ken: I didn’t know you liked to get wet. Good shit seeing you again for the summer. Thanks for letting my borrow that poker book. I’ll read that shit sometime soon. Next year son. We getting an apartment.

SamB: Buff seeing you again. Always cool to chill with you. How much money you make off Marvel sidebets? Hanging out in the arcade was cool too. Initial D!!!

SamY: Good shit on beating LTB. Good games in the casuals we played in your room. Your Necro is becoming more beastly. Keep that shit up.

Anthony: Good games in room casuals. Your shotos are always great to play against. Cool talking with you too.

Val: Always great to see you again. Thanks for letting me know about 3S casuals.

Mark/HellSap: Good shit talking to you again. You’re always a cool guy to hang around. Keep representing PNW KoF and GG.

Josh/JTM: I was surprised when I saw you at Evo. Its been like a year since I last saw you. Good shit though. Always great to see a familiar face. I hope to go up to GameWorks sometime for some 3S so hopefully I’ll see you again there.

Vataire/Veteru: Always nice talking to you again. I hope my SvC stick treated you well throughout Evo. And thanks for running MBAC. I always wanted to play tourney of it and I finally got a chance. Keep beasting with Nanaya and get that Ky combo down!!!

kenmastersX: It was great meeting you and fun playing MBAC casuals with you (even though you beasted me in it). You have a sick Nanaya. Hopefully, next time I’ll be better at MBAC and actually give you a good fight.

722: It was nice meeting you (officially this time). It sucks that you dropped Bridget too but you’re right on that in order to play Bridget you have to play like Ruu…which is really hard.

Sorry to anyone else I missed. Good games to everyone I played in casual and awesome meeting everyone. GOOD SHIT SEATTLE in Marvel. Its good to see that Seattle can still beast after its been so long since Lanwerx went down. I hope to see everyone again at Evo 2007.

Oh yeah…

Guy who worked at the sandwich shop: Fuck you. Carding me for a fucking sandwich is bullshit. Four thumbs down.

gs to all i hate making long ass posts to specific people

everyone who i met: sorry i couldn’t drink with each and every one of you guys

deviljin01: gs meeting you, i was nervous hands shakey during our money match, kept missing strong fierce combos, low strong hit confirms at the end…you beat me fair and square though, i couldn’t get it together. =( next evo though, mm for a million dollars =)

I’m a little late but Evo was dope. Shouts:

Nam: Thanks for booking the rooms and basically making the whole trip possible for me, I had a lot of fun.

Gene: Good shit on stepping it up so much, it was great seeing you again!

Keith Hoe: It was dope seeing you again, you mad nice…hoe.

Leezy: Get Hype

Nick T.: It was nice meeting you man, hopefully we’ll get a chance to play at the next one.

Andrew? (722): Nice meeting you and AKA! We’ll have to play some Slash at the next one.

Good games to everyone I played in pools, and good shit to all my SoCal/RiCo peeps who came out. See you guys next year!

rugal fuckin b. good shit.

yo mike, lmao @ getting wet. we all liked to get wet, baby. thx for the buttons, panda express owns our asian souls. and lmao i just remembered about the sandwich shop

thy: we never got our mm in:sad: . i’ll catch you next evo, man

ok, after 15 hours of sleep and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner in the span of 3 hours after waking up. Here we go…

Everything was hype this year

First and foremost…Evo staff, thanks for making this year great.

Gene Fucking Wong!!!-
Good shit kid, i’m very happy for you. One more year man, you know what to do.

Laugh - Good seeing you again :slight_smile:

Bean(James) - Good seeing you. :slight_smile:

Everyone who was at that bar in the casino Monday moring. That was too fun. Daigo getting drunk and going crazy was too fun. Everyone had which was all that mattered.

Yo, I think that chick at the bar might’ve been a hooker, most likely. lol
Good seeing you.

Good seeing you again.

Good games and stuff. See you at CF.
And I still want to know how you knew. Not that thing, the other thing. lol

Hellsap and Alex -
Good meeting you guys.

Good seeing you. Sorry that I was copying your voice on Monday. But it was pretty funny.

Karl and Zidane -
Good rooming with you guys.

Nate -
Thanks for letting Josh, Karl, and I room with you on Thurs. Good luck with finding your stuff.

Random mexicans that were rooming with Nate -
You bunch of fucking bums. What the fuck is wrong with you guys stealing peoples shit. You fuckin pieces of shit.

Tga people-
Good seeing you guys again.

JTM Josh -
Good meeting you. Marneto voice is too powerful.
“Yo rock, paper, scissor, 200, whats good.” “I’m too gooood.” lol

EC Marvel people -
Good seeing you guys.

John Choi / Bronson / Leezy -
Thanks for the advice. It helped alot.

James Chen -
Good seeing you again.
BET IT!! lol

Keith Ho -
Good meeting you. :slight_smile:

Phobos -
Good meeting you, and cool cvs2 talk.

uhh, i know im forgetting people, so yeah. later on.

Evo was madd hype this year.

Nothing like getting drunk and having a goodtime after losing in games.

Shout outs to

Team hate - nestor, wall, james , u all my niggas and I’m gonna miss getting beat up by yall for a while

AfroCole - your on cool motherfucker man I had great laughs with you.

Jas and omar - always fun seeing my homegirl your funny as shit when your drunk girl. Omar we didn’t get to play cvs2 but its ok seeing u almost passed out on the floor was worth my whole trip lol 151 owns your ass.

Valle - good to see u old man good job beasting on diago in games and armwrestling thanks for making me money

Kieth fucking hoe - you a cool as dude thanks for letting us play drunk fighters in your room sorry for almost fucking up the room also lol. Had a good time with u drinking and taking random pics make sure u send me some of the pics.

Drage and hydra - xbox live is to good had good laughs with you guy hydra u fucking up

Mcfly- always with the random weed smoking and drinking to good.

Deviljin - your a cool cat. Nice to see more xbl cats coming to majors

Nki - stop fucking beasting

Buk and kimnasty - yall some on another level lol good shit with cvs2 and good shit drinking

Japs - goodshit with the drunken games. Drunk ino = random

Bigtime shoutouts to the Cannons, Mr. Wizard, Seth, Watson and everybody else that made Evo happen this year.

Only regrets were I didn’t get to stick around as much as I would have liked, but Vegas is Vegas so I still had fun!

Duc - Good shit in the tourney and good shit in the main event of the entire tournament! When you coming back to Texas?! Tell everybody I’ll introduce girls to em when they come down to Texas Showdown 7! :wgrin:

Omni - Always a blast to see you sir, sometime we’re either gonna get Mike to make it out there, or you need to come back down here! Something tells me theres a better chance of you coming down here!

Cole - You always have fun no matter where you’re at, but in Vegas?! Wish we could have hung out more!

Justin Wong - Good shit in like everything! 4th in T5?! You still play that crap?

Cableguy - Good matches son, I wanna play you again on arcade next time!

Preppy - MVP of team Megatron! I am NOT a console warrior. I’m still trying to list who played who on those old tapes before I send them out to you, and I might need your help actually making that video I was working on. If I was remotely sober the first time I was talking to you I would have said that!

Crow - Back 2 Back Evo T5 Champ!!! Making H-town proud boy! You worked really hard to keep up with T5 while still being dominating at DR, good fucking shit!

Isaac Graham - Making evil ass side bets while doing nothing at work! Get me a job like yours kthnx!

Marn - Good shit in the Slash tourney, heard you were carrying the team!

Hitler - Heard and saw your misfortunes in the brackets, but you almost pulled it off. Maybe next time you should actually practice these games!

There were alot of people I met and don’t recall, prob cause I started drinking the moment I checked into my hotel, in that case my bad! I know everybody had a blast at Evo, and I’m happy to see it getting as big as it has! Keep it up and lets make this just as big as Halo! Street Fighter tournaments for $100k!!! This is the beginning ya’ll!!!

Good shit to thyallmighty for not introducing me to that incredibly pretty girl he was walking around with. And good shit to wake up level 1 hot foots.

First off, I would like to thank the accademy… …aw wait, wrong speach… fuck!

Team PGA: You all my dudes! Wall, James, B, Gavin, Smooth, Ness… We need to keep up the training… see you niggz at Wallz on thursday.

Empire Arcadia: We held that shit down! We made like what?? …15 g’s? …good shit!
Triforce, I still wanna know who’s the pedefiler… lol :rofl:

AfroCole: Good to see you again Cole! You still the livest dude out there homie!.. I’ll check you around foo. YO!! come to the EC soon!

Apoc: You too foo, come with Cole. Nice seein you homie.

Alex Valle: Nice chillen with you on sunday night at the bar with the rest of the srk drunks lol. Good shit on both your arm wresslin matches. Won that shit like a champ!

Choi: Good shit at the bar too Choi. It was mad fun chillen with all you dudes that night.

Team Japan: I’m still laffin my ass off at you fools. You niggs are maad random when drunk, and still chill as fuck! Daigo may be a beast but got beasted by Smooth’s 151 shot! Last I seen Daigo, he was in a wheel chair all fucked up!.. Good Shit!
Rao- You’s a funny as fool! …I still can’t believe you and Vanessie sang the whole intro theme to Evangelion… good shit!
Bas- Nice meeting you, you too are mad chill. Good shit on the DJ Honda cap btw…
KSK- Didn’t really get to talk to you much, but you left our room maad blazed and could barely walk… hahahah good shit! …thank God you did some of the comentary in 3s, I thought I was gonna have to shoot myself from hearing Captain Obvious! (short short super!..genei jin activation… SHUT THE FUCK UP!)…not you ksk, you kicked ass! lol

Jasmine: Good seeing you again. I’ll check you around the EC!

PyroLee: Nice meeting you. You really are a chill person. You need to come to TGA and beast on us! …Thanks for the smoke hookup… We’ll hit you back on the EC when you come!
Tell Daphnie to keep playing Marvel 2!!! that game is the shit!

Crizzle: Thanks for the bag homie! …Me and B still can’t believe you broke out the Canabis Club Card… Good Shit!.. That was some good shit yo! Come to Digital Life in October to get at this Marvel money(10 g’s!!). We’ll get some good shit for then… Kush and Blue Crush FTW!!!

DucVader: Nice to have met you. You held your own, and tried your best against sanford. Good shit! Yo!, come to DigiLife and we’ll get some Pho out here!!
:edit: acctually I think I met you back at one of the Orlando Domination tourneys for the first time…

Sanford FUCKING Kelly!!!: I knew you could do it my nigga! Next time you need to place at EVO East so you can make it to the your rightfull place… the top!! Thank you and Duc for giving us the greatest moment at EVO this year!!!

Potter: YO WHERE MY DOLLA AT!!! …you know I beasted on the first hit money matches!! Yess!!! Good shit potter! …I’ll check you next time on the EC.

Eric Kim: Dam Yo! …I cant believe you missed that super on ksk in our pools. Ima have to get wilson to show you the timing for that shit, nigga never misses that shit now. Good shit never the less! rofl! @ WC Eric Lee!

Jaha: Nice meeting you dude, keep playing 3s so you can beast on me next time homie!

Cici(random urien dude running my 3s bracket): Fuck that shit!! I had you beat in that 3rd game…grrrr im still pissed I lost! You have a wierd playstyle with Urien. I got cought by your random ex shoulder tackles. good shit!

Buktooth: Your scrubby Chun was obviously less scrubbier than mines!.. good match and I’ll get my revenge soon enough.

Watson: Nice to have met you dude! You are a chill person, just missunderstood… kinda reminds me of a certain someone with a glove… lol
Dam yo, I was looking for you the last night to hook you up with a dvd but couldnt find you anywhere… I’ll hit you up next time!

Marn & Flash Metroid: You fools were beasting on RPS! …I still know I could have taken out Marn, but didnt have the cash to back it up!
The RPS tourney was easily the 2nd best moment at Evo this year. That shit was hella hype!! they need to put it on the big screen next year! …Marn, I’m comming for you!

Seth Killian: Thank You for all your help homie! You trully are SRK’s greatest! Keep up the good work, and I’ll see you around!

Thank you very much for your support, it means alot to me! I’ll keep working hard to bring more coverage to the scene!!

Hate TV comming Soon!..


Warren is my new cvs2 hero a sagat for the win!

Yeah, good shit in that money match. I spent all of my earned money match money so it’s whatever. Just another good set of games. I guess I wasn’t as nervous in the matchup because my friend also plays a good Oro back in MD (MOD) so it was kinda just remembering what to do in that matchup. You forced me to switch to SA1 which is good though cuz I’ve been experimenting with SA3 to see how it works against Oro. You can catch him if he tries to whiff a poke and has some other random uses. Yet…SA1 is still the shit so I had to bust that shit to win. I like when I force people to switch their characters to win…lets me know I’m already ahead of the game. We had some close matches with your Ken but I do remember you missing some shit. GS overall and I’ll see you next year. :tup:

Hey Smooth,

You left your charagers in the room. You and Nestor’s I think.

I gave them to Bacardi for safe travel back to the EC.

You are hella cool man. Keep it up.


Duc Do: nice meeting you n good shit in the marvel tourny n marvel matchs jus in general.

Soo:good shit in the marvel matchs. your kicks = toptier

HARRY Fuckin pOtter: your fuckin dirty for tha bathroom shit LOLOLOLOLol. good stuff kickin it

Justin aka Duc jr.: good shit in marvel. you hellaaaa leveled up compared to last yr.

Fanatiq: Your ps2 pad skills are fuckin scary.

The norcal crew ( Chunksta, crizzle, cableguy): Good shit in the tourny n money matchs. always good to see yall. I like Cableguy <<<< no power steering

Demon Hyo: nice playing against yu. i like that hot steeammyy marvel action line. Just like what we predicited every1 came into that bathroom

Hevad: dude throwin around money like its nothing. good shit with your winnings from side bets n gambling in general

Mike infinite: good games. nice meeting you n thanks for the perfects

vercette: your mad chill. next time we get a game of initial D . man tha games fuckin horrible.

Eder: Good shit making top 8 n nice meeting you.

DJ-B13 n Golden Nizmor: nice to meet yall. hope to play you guys again in the future.

Ruin: your silver surfers own me

yipes: good shit seeing you wreckin people w/crazy rushdown

Sanford: helllaaa entertaining to watch you play. you got that smart stuff

mike rooss: good match against sanford. I HATE THIS GAME is the truth

Justin W: your cheap. i like tails over you in coin flips tho

Erik: for getting it hellaa hyped.

X: good shit with the money matchs between you n soo. glad to see you still play

Chris Matrix: Nice playing you once again. Its all about the dude in jack in the box fillin your shit 1/2 way. your kno they fucked wit yo food

Isaac Graham: Good to meet you. would’ve gotten a game in but way too hard when theirs lik 30 nigs in line.

Preepy: zach > FL ftw see you soon man

NKI : for making a buff ass combo video

solbadguy: Nice talkin to you man. me or mark will hit you up to gety some mexican Fighter matchs in

n-Ken: Nice to see you once again.

Mike aka Yabuki Style: Also nice to see you once again.

Josh aka JTM: nice to see you and John

LTB: good to see your still active in 3s. I’ll play you soon enough

Good to see EC came in full force bringing shit talking at its finest. A good evo this yr aside from the actual tournys.

This was my first trip out to Vegas, and my very first Evo, and it was damn worth it. Now, down to business. Shoutouts go to:

EC Peeps:

DSP: Many MANY thanks for letting me crash with you Thursday night. Too bad I didn’t get to finish that god tier Oreo cookie shake, but Fatburger fucked up my breakfast sandwich, so shit kinda went downhill from there. lol And fuck what people say about you and AE…next year you’ll show those fools why you’re the king of HATE!

Omar: Didn’t I tell you going to Evo this year was gonna be worth it?I know you’ve learned alot and got to meet mad heads, so i KNOW the trip was well worth it for you. You was holding your own against Ino. Damn proud of you, kid. I think the best lesson you’ve learned thus far…is that you can never, EVER, play cvs2 DRUNK!!:lol:

Trevor: Good to see a fellow PA Unplugged person at Evo! Too bad you had to leave early…you missed the best after finals party I’ve EVER been to.


Smoothcat: Always good to see you, my nigga! I saw your match with Kindevu, man. I know how badly you wanted that win…I saw it in your eyes, yo. Don’t sweat it, man. Just come back stronger next year and BEAST on fools! And stay away from that bacardi assist, man! You was wildin’ the fuck out! lol:looney: Arm Wrestling Champion…3 seconds flat!

Paul Wall, Gavin: Good to see you guys again.Gav, you need to get going on those Team hate shirts/jerseys! If you got any ideas, lemme know:wgrin:

Jjuice: Good to finally meet you. Hopefully get to see you beast on some games one day.

Nestor: Good to see you doing okay…too bad you know how much I hate Vega:sweat: I was disappointed that i didn’t see you in top 8, especially since I know you can do much better, yo. Get back on the ball and start beasting again goddammit!

Empire Peeps:

MvC2 peeps: Smoothviper, Yipes, Desmond, Infinite, Liston, Chris: Good shit holding it down for EC Marvel. Guys are always fun to be around. See you back in CF.

Jeron: Great to see you there doing the minimum with Mai and Vega LOL!!Good shit in running that HFSA tourney; I gotta check the results to see how people did. I’m telling you…Vega MIGHT be the next step for me…I’ll let you know about that soon lol

Flash, TF, Ultimo, Arturo, Shankar: good to see you guys there too…Art, I know you were kinda surprised to see me tipsy sunday night, but fuck that son! I was having tooooo much fun:looney:

WC Peeps:

Jason Cole: Good shit for not only CONVINCING me to go to Evo this year, but also letting me crash with you, Jerry, and Gerald?( fuck I can’t place his name) Friday and Saturday night. You guys were mad cool. See y’all next tourney!:wink:

Combo Fiend: Peter, Peter, Peter, what can I say? I’m always shown nothing but from you, guy. God, you HAD that match with K Cammy; Man, I awaited for the death that shouls have happened, yet didn’t come to pass! You’ll come back stronger for it next year…I KNOW you will. K Ken=PRICELESS!!
p.s.: Don’t worry about Sunday night. I was more worried about whether or not you were gonna be okay. I’m glad Phil let us take you to his room so you could sleep it off. Remember you got an angel lookin’ out for ya, kid!

Warren: Nothing but love for you too, man. Always cool to chill and talk with you, giving me good pointers, helping me build up that confidence. I’ll be doing my best to make ya proud. Keep it gonzo, BIIIIIIIIITCH!!!

Bronson: LOL LOL great to meet you, man. I know I was taking our casuals back in the room pretty seriously, and it IS a game you’re right. I was just under alot of pressure to prove myself and all. You’re fuckin funny as hell; Thanks for putting a smile back on my face eventually…as well as fixing a damn good Captain Morgan+Coke:tup: Good shit for getting 2nd…I was rooting for you, bro. You’ll beast your way to 1st next year, tho. Also: work on that 3seconds thing. You can do it!!!:lovin: I’ma learn K groove so I can be on Team Insanlee too!!

Gene: Nice to meet you, hon. You’re a very gifted player for being so young. Congrats on making top 8; You could’ve had Justin, but better to learn from this Evo, and come back stronger for next Evo! Keep up the good work!

Leezy: Another cool-as -fuck K groover! Good to chill/get casuals on with you. But work on those drink-fixing skills…there was WAY too much Captain Morgan than Coke in that 2nd drink you made for me. After that one, I was soo done:wasted: I’ll try to hit you up on AIM, so don’t act like you’re not there hahahaha

John Choi: It’s been awhile since we first met at Texas Showdown; Always good to chill with you. How you had all those Vodka/Gin tonics and not get fucked up is amazing to me lol And thank you so so much for letting me crash with you, Bronson, and Gene Sunday night. Snakes on a Plane monday afternoon…priceless. Stay beasting…all your matches in cvs were damn good.

Kim and Keith: Nice meeting/chilling with you guys. I’m telling you, when I get my place, mega housewarming!! You guys gotta come to NY and chill with us EC players. Keep in touch!

Ricky: Pretty Ricky…always good to see you, sweetie. I wanted you to win so bad man. You can beat Kindevu, man. Stop fucking up, and just do it! I hope you’ll be able to visit NY again soon. God you’re so belligerent when you’re drunk it’s too good! I just might take you up on that arm wrestling match someday. Just get me tipsy enough lol

Alex Valle: I chalked up the courage to talk to you finally… omg omg lol! Great seeing you. Good shit in 3rd Strike and AE. Go CE Sagat! Too serious! I’ll send you those pics as soon as I can.

Buktooth: Good shit for taking out Daigo in finals. RC Rekka ftw! Morrigan put in a LOT of work for a worthless hoe Keep it up, man.

Ducvader: Got a home test as soon as I touched down in NY, man. You’re off the hook LOL:rofl: J/K Really good to meet you man. That MM between you and Sanford was nothing short of fucking AWESOME. Keep beasting with that Spiral man!

Other Shoutouts:

EVO staff: Thanks for running a DAMN god tourney. Now all ya gotta do is stop hating on CvS2, and we’re all good:wgrin:

Phil Mcfly, Skisonic: Always good to see you guys, too even though we didn’t get to talk much. Maybe next time.

All the other players I met at the bar Sunday night, including Jason Nelson and Apoc: Cool drinking with all you guys. Any others whose name I didn’t catch/forgot, please don’t blame ME…blame the drinking lol

Bacardi and Carlos(?): Good to meet you guys. Bacardi, you’re too funny, man! Starting up with the arm wrestling matches and shit! I had to rep for the ladies after Vanessa I think her name was got beat by Tokido; couldn’t let the guys think the ladies are pushovers!

Kensou and other Houston peeps: Always good seeing you cats. See you @ Texas Showdown 7 god wiling!

DevilJin, NFC/UCR Jesse, and all other players who’s names I didn’t catch: Good to meet you guys in person. See ya new tourney!

All the Japanese players I met: Tokido, Bas, Kindevu, Raoh, Ino, etc, etc: It was really cool that everyone, US, Japan, etc was able to come together and just act the fool Sunday night @ the bar! Nothing but mad love and respect for all y’all!!

Damn I’m tired…been working on this post since yesterday and shit trying NOT forget anyone:wasted: Anyone I DID miss, my apologies.

First I have to give mad shout out to the Red Rock Bar sunday night it was a balls out night.

Smoothcat: It was hella cool talking with you, you really understand cvs2 beyond the game itself.

Jasmine: You was doing it girl, Ill make a trip to NY. Hold me down! BIIIIIITTTCCHHH!

Omar: You are too cool for school, cvs2 runs in your vains, unleash the fire!

Gene: You did it man, you had the drive and you just ran off of that. Great job.

AfroCole: Thanks for holding me down in the room, ill see you at fam.

Kim: I don’t need to say anything you already know.

Keith Hoe: Good shit on being the drunkest mofo at the bar, and calling everyone Niggas. Send me thos pics! AIM:Gonzosgong

Mcfly: Alway nice seein’ you, take care.

Jeron: Got my revenge for Texas! Don’t worry we’ll face off at the next one.

Ricky: Good shit at the tourny, good drinks, good times.

Laugh: Always fun talking/seeing you, hit me up on aim.

DIPS: good shit as always. DEUCEY!! Thanks for teaching me the drunken game. Pai-gow! My new fav’ game.

dog-face: Losing to someone thats 3x smaller than you in arm wrestling. I see that your muscles are just for getting chicks.

My Family@Family: Good shit this year, Ill see all of you guys at family

Ryan: It was fun at the bar, we have to go clubbin’ again. This time ill let you just fight the dude!

JAPS JAPS JAPS: Tokido, Bas, Raoh, Ino, Daigo = Drunken masters!