EVO 2k8 BYOC Tourny?

Anyone up for a guilty gear tournament in the BYOC section at this years EVO?


Probably better to have posted this in the Evo forum. I had no idea any GG tourney was going on until I asked myself. Basically like 40 people are already confirmed in Dust Loop that they’re coming to Evo for a GG side tourney. The numbers would have been way higher if it wasn’t for all the drama…but oh well. Basically…GG will be at Evo one way or another.

A lot of people have kinda just migrated back to DL ever since GG got the “boot” from Evo.

Ok thanks for correcting me man, I’m basically a noob here :rofl:

Wow this is good news then, my friend was hoping for a GG tourny