Evo 2k8 Thoughts

So… this year kicked ALOT of ass, john choi taking down the JP in Evo was waaaaaay too hype. Alot of the heavy hitters werent even here this year which made some of the games boring… aka tekken, that shit was wack this year, grats to ryan heart beating one of puerto ricos finest though to win the GF’s. He manned the fuck up when his oppenent’s equipment fucked up and paused the game and the offical ruling was in his favor of him winning the finals. He ran that shit back anyways and 3-0’d his ass in the match and got respect from alot of peepo, too bad he got peaced out in 3rd strike early. Jwong shoulda won 3rd strike as well, turtled himself into the corner and got peaced out.

MvC2 was hype but sorta dissipointing at the same time, heavy hitters werent there and i REALLY thought chunk was gonna pull this shit off, i was hype as fuck after seeing him send jwong to the losers and im like, this d00d is gonna do it this year. Jwong switches to his B&B and pulls it out. Although it looked grim, chunk was on a comeback until he missed his lighting storm and jwong pulling off some GODLIKE shit, like chunk doing mags qcf lp+hp super and jwong’s sent qcf lp+hp super in fly mode through that shit to rape chunks mags, after that it was over.

Real talk though chunk, keep yo head up, this nigga was pulling off some serious shit in the tourney, best in the west… period.

Did Fantaiq beat Smooth in a M&M ft10 10-3? some one said this and if its true i missed it and ill be seriously heated. Stop hatin on cableguy, d00d is GOOD, didnt lose one M&M, and my fave part of the trip is when we was drinkin in the lobby and eric/cableguy goin at it talkin shit… TOOOOO GOOD, pulled that shit aside and bought niggaz drinks and had a good time.

For those Heavy hitters that didnt come for evo, aka yipes/demonhyo etc u guys missed out on testing Testu vs capcom, i personally got to try it out and invited to top 8 for tvc and the shit is SICK, i got peaced out by combofiend in the tourney, was mad fun though, although no where near complete i hope that shit comes out to the NA.

Personal fav Quote:
When Crizzle was getting rdy for his match, fugee yells out:
“He’s on cloud 9 if u know what i mean…” Crizzle: YAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

Good shit to everyone…


all i can say…

John Choi.

chunksta had it!

as well as toan from houston alot of ppl messing up this year on simple stuff.

anywho Seasons beatings should be more hype!

i <3 you team 3…

straight up best moment of evo:

dude offers 3-1 odds to one guy, 2-1 odds on another for justin vs. chunksta. two people take him up on it

dude loses both bets, empties wallet

LUKKA: sir? excuse me? the ATM’s out that way

had me fucking rolling

we <3 you too


You weren’t even there

I know I wasn’t there. Why are you even commenting on it? I was just as hype, sitting at my computer, waiting for results.

Or you going to neg rep me again? :rofl: I’m only fucking around. I give a fuck about that.

Seriously though… the thread never specified if I had to be there… But I was all hype over the results and jumping out of my chair and shit.

Nah Mixah, you’re just being straight up dumb right now.


eh, street fighter gets me amped

Mixah looked like Blanka in his av when he heard the results.

pretty much… i’m pissed i didn’t get to chill with you guys.

Seriously Mixah you missed an awesome time.

such a hater…

sorry bro


I’m trying to post this is any evo shout out thread i see…

Gooteks, Emphy, Kai, Edma + the other FFA heads we met - thank you so much for making our trip so much fun.

Keits - you are a LIFESAVER - literally. The UK would have been another bunch of anonymous gamers if it wasnt for you. We are indeed grateful.

All the other American players we hung out with - thanks for being so friendly and helpful. As I mentioned to you guys in person - you are always welcome to come and hang out with us in the UK.

Peace :tup:

big ups to the evo staff for all the tourneys running hella quick like on friday. im like woah