Evo 2k8?

When is Evo? What are the exact date? Sorry if this has already been posted, I couldn’t find it. Thanks…rock on.


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Thanks so much.

are they doing evo east or any of the other regional evos this year because evo2k.com only has the las vegas August 10th - 11th date posted and I was very much looking forward to evo east

You may want to check out the stickied thread in this forums


Namely the one thats says “No regional events this year”

Meaning, Evo will only be in vegas this year

how do I register for EVO ?

On the evo site?

i cant seem to find it either or em i missing something?
it did say april 30th…

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what i was trying to say it did say april 30 now its may 15th come on now.

Its May 15 and I still can not register were should I go on the EVO website to register.

Sit and wait until an announcement is made on this forum. That’s how everything gets done. Everyone else is being patient…what is so special about you that you have to be able to register right now? Nothing on that website is ever set in stone just hold on. You might as well just PM Mr.Wiz at this point. Staff always updates the forums when something important regarding the tourney is announced/available.

it’s gonna be in october at shanghai china

actually there is only one qualifier this year at MWC/Evo North. Top 2 get seeded at evo worlds in each game IIRC.

Don’t lie man. The truth is, all of us have already done ‘secret’ registration, and the spots are filling up quick. If Wiz doesn’t announce registration soon, velix1819xavier probably won’t be able to go. There are still lots of spaces open at the ‘secret’ regionals though.

True. Yet…all of the other regions not having regionals kinda makes it all seem more out of place than anything else. Considering it’s probably the only event this year that is allowing people to qualify.

Shit…I just found that out. I thought I was the only one in on it.

i bought the ticket today. can anyone provide the housing? it’d be much appreciated.

…you donk.