Evo 2K9 Awards


This is how it goes, make up a category and name your winner. This is all personal opinion.

Best Match
Justin Wong vs Daigo Umehara in the Grand Finals, nuff said

Best Commentator
Seth Killian, the guy is a natural

Worst Counter pick
Ed Ma picking Zangief vs Justin Wong’s Rufus
Honorable Mention: Justin Wong going with Abel vs Daigo’s Ryu

Best Counter pick
Justin Wong going with Balrog vs Daigo’s Ryu, he didn’t win but he pushed the Beast to the limit

Best Rushdown
Sabin vs Dagger G, Dagger was actually out turtling Sabin’s Seth. It was the 3rd round and he was losing, then he finally made the move and hit Dagger a number of times and iced it when he teleported out of a flash kick and hit Dagger with his Ultra. That was a beautiful, no words describe it better then “Look at the damage, look at the damage”

Biggest Surprise
Eduard Perez cracking the top 8, I’ve never heard of the guy and I don’t think most people have either. But he rep’d Puerto Rico proudly and his Balrog/Honda were deadly.

Player who most changed the way you look at a character
Sabre with his Sakura, I’ve actually had this done to me a few times. But no where near on the level Sabre was doing it, and he was doing it against top players like Valle. This is the only guy who’ll turn down a free Ultra, but he makes it work for him
Honerable Mention: Sanford with his Cammy

Most Clutch
Tie, Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong. Justin survived numerous Game Point rounds against Daigo, including the final round of the 5th match before the reset, it was a gutsy move to attack on wakeup. Daigo on the other hand was getting hammered by Justin’s Balrog in the first couple of sets, but he lived up to his legendary status and adjusted during the match to comeback and win in the end.

That’s all I can think of right now. But I’d like to do some more if some good categories come up that I can’t think of right now.


Good writeup, agree with those pretty much.


Turning down Sakura’s Ultra is a pretty obvious decision. Does no damage after those long strings any ways. Sakura’s Ultra is almost unnecessary. You’re better off going for resets which is pretty much how she seems to be designed in the first place. Winning off of continuous strings of attacks.


Best Ken

Dr. Chaos soundly whoopin a certain WC Balrog and WC Sagat


honorable mention biggest suprise:
Dat mango Sanford in mvc2 and sf4


worst human being - perfect sin for showing up to the regional 5v5 totally drunk. Disrespect evo, your teammates, and the whole midwest, fuck you.


best looking dude there…me! haha


damn i did not know this


Most Confusing Pick

Evil Rashan picking C.Viper against Ed Ma’s Akuma


Everything is right on spot, although I wished djWHEAT were to commentate.

Does anyone know why Ed ma chose Zangief? that was a horrible pick :\


Probably so he could lariat rufus’ dive kick

Which justin didn’t throw a single one out to be lariat’ed…

one more thing I remember, gief can SPD rufus’ crouch fierce…BELIEVE IT


Best Dressed
Evo Pimp


Most hyped group.
-NorCal cheering on their boy Crack. We even got some EC heads in on the cheering.


I would nominate Crack’s almost “One Crack Victory” over Southwest for Most Clutch, Most Valiant Effort, Most Heart Breaking Moment, Most Deserved Win and Best Evo Moment. More coming if I can think of them.

But seriously, that shit was nucking futs. Definite Evo2k highlight.


Most Spectacular
Sanford demon thru Jwong’s Ex tornado punch after blocking the low forward… IN A HIGH PRESSURE AND CLUTCH SITUATION!!!


Most Anticipated "Two Man Tourney Match"
Evo Pimp vs Jabowackeez Axe Murderer


Seconded. That was easily my top highlight. I jumped right onto MIRC on my phone and the amount of “OH FUCK” and “WOW” that went streaming down my display was just nutty.


Most Clutch has to go to Marn, with the EX Messiah that all whiffed except for the last hit, and then the flash kick follow up FADC into ultra to kill Sabin’s Seth.

“Mental guard break” fosho.

Nothing compares. That’s evo moment worthy.


Devil Jin was the illest son!


Most Characteristic
Marn all the way on that one.


Best Dressed

Sex Symbol

Ladies Man Award

Party Animal Award

Most Interviewed
( Tie ) Dr.B,Justin Wong,Daigo

Speed Racer Look A Like Award

Highest guy there

Most Hyped Regional Team
Team NorthWest

Hottest EVO Chick
C-Viper Cos-Player

Personalized Gear Award

Most Hyped Player
Justin Wong / Daigo

I got Paid Award
Graham Wolfe

Hella Drunk Award
Jason Cole

Most Respected

Sanford Kelly

The Blanka Award
Hiro aka Hydro

On The Come Up
Twisted Jago aka Andre