Evo 2k9 - SFIV BIGGEST UPSETS post em here


Hey all,

any big upsets happen in the SFIV pools yet? If so post them up:

Thx to Buddha’s Weapon some brackets updated:

Pool 1
Winners: bbh, Harris Abbasi
Losers: Jibbo, James Pirring

Pool 2
Winners: Sabin, Jeremy aka Vicious
Losers: Ryan Hart, Daniel Chung

Pool 3
Winners: Weaksauce, Pie Guy
Losers: Talon Silver, Frodo

Pool 4
Winners: Tatsujinken, Alex Valle
Losers: Gootecks, AlexMan

Pool 5
Winners: WVScrub, Doug Season
Losers: Hungbee, SmoothCat

Pool 6
Winners: Javits, Frank P
Losers: Haunts, Mike Watson

Pool 7
Winners: Skye, Crackfiend
Losers: Damdai, Amir

Pool 8
Winners: Ryu 1999, Ed Ma
Losers: LPN, Liston

Pool 9
Winners: Sanchez, John Choi
Losers: John Roth, Nemo

Pool 10
Winners: Billy Nguyen, Hollasaurus Rex
Losers: Vincent N, One

Pool 11
Winners: Tanaka Force, Shady K
Losers: Ricky Ortiz, Magneto Maniac

Pool 12
Winners: SoMuchDamage, Chaos
Losers: Bebop, Keno


Gootecks loosing 2 rounds to a pad player using Fei-Long




Oh SHIT! but doesnt Fei Long have an infinite combo? but i guess the pad player just mashed it out lol…

so u say he lost 2 rounds i guess that means he won 2-1 2-1 ?


yeah the fei long took 1 game each set. There was some video difficulties during the match. I believe the screen blacked out and the match was delayed for a minute.

There wasnt any infinite combos but a lot of chicken wings.


Yep. 2-1, 2-1. Shit was so funny. the LCD screen flickered in one match and gootecks made a fuss. Got the fush down biddnes from the fei-long player. The guy was FA pressuring Gootecks. Not going to lie, if the fei-long was more solid and less DP happy, he would prolly beat him.


ricky ortiz lost a match against some guy. anyone know who it was?


TBH the Fei Long player wasn’t that great at all. It was kinda just random chicken wings and cross ups all day. Gootecks kinda just ate a lot of FAs and random DPs.


Yea I know, if he was more solid and wasnt throwing out random DP’s, he would have beaten him. Gootecks doesn’t know Fei at all it seems.


really? rufus vs ?


That Pad playing Fei long needs his own Tshirt. Guy rocked Gootecks world hahaha.


…personally i think Gootecks just used the brief flicker excuse to pause the game and regain his composure, because he was rocked at the beginning, not knowing the matchup.


But some people after also paused to complain about the same thing, that’s why they changed the tv to the one that lagged, which led to us having no stream


Gootecks almost losing to Pad Long was really something




i hear rumors of gootecks smashing his stick?

this can’t be true… can it?


thats just people saying dumb shit on the stream dude
i think…


why does gootecks wear headphones while he plays?


People listen to music so they don’t have to hear all the crowd noise.

I’m guessing anyway.


yeah… thought it was some troll shit.
dunno why trolling gootecks and hating on him is the thing to do o_O