EVO 2k9 Unofficial X-Men vs Street Fighter Tournament!

What year is this?! X-Men vs Street Fighter what!?

That’s right, it’s back!!


Once again, I’m running an old school tournament for this behemoth of a game.

X-Men vs Street Fighter!! 2/3 Double Elimination. Finals 2/3, Grand Finals 3/5.

$5 entry fee, plus an UDON Street Fighter comic book with every entry while supplies last. Signups start at noon on friday, and tournament starts at 1pm. In the BYOC corner of EVO2k9. Probably going to run over on to Saturday.

Pot is split 70/20/10. And if you beat the 3 top ranked player’s from last year (Justin Wong, Dogface, Joker since Toxy won’t be in attendance) you get a cash prize!:wow:

It’s hunting time!!

The game will be run on Supergun setup with Cigarbob arcade style controllers. I’ll also have PSX to Supergun Converters thanks to Laugh, and I’ll have Hori Tekken Sticks on hand if you like Japanese style setup.

See you guys then!


Xmen is back!!!

Our BEST players in Canada will be in attendance.


Also Jokers stick now is ps2 pad hacked.


Your post just made me so hungry. Honestly, none of us know how fucking hype this is gonna be. . .


US vs Canada Rematch!?

OMFG!!! im so hype for this, taking down a top 3 memeber gonna be free cash for me!!!

guard your babies
because I am so hype i might punch them :open_mouth:

This will be magical. But then again, most things involving dog-face tend to be magical.

This sounds great yet again, will TOXY be in attendance? If I aint too busy with my SNK stuff (which I probably will be hahahaha) I’d like to interview a lot of the XVSF players…

me v joker ft10 for 50 at evo, time for another bracket bomb.

then chilis

Cant fuckin wait GET HYPE people… xmvsf is going to be too nasty this year…
USA got nothing on Canada this year!!! mmds ill show u what a real mag/storm can do and anyone one else that wants to test me!
thats right me and contra as usual have our mm!!! good times old friend

Just when they thought it was safe to go back in the water.

It’s never safe when Ottawa treads those water, YOU CANT STOP OTTAWA.

The Gunman has spoken.

Say whaaaaaaaaa? Canada wants some of the USofA? Like I said before… I’m not getting dq’ed this year, lol.

Lets get down Charlie Brown!

LOL This sounds awesome. Can’t wait.

:wow::wow: HYPE!!! Super hype!! xmvsf gonna be mad sick. love this game.

Can i play too? :smiley:


XVSF IS LIVE in '09,

Yeah, TEAM CAN VS USA will be nice! Sign us up ~

Of *course *you can! And get a free UDON comic with signup while supplies last!!

lets get this started

Heh why is this a unofficial thread?

I say winner get a lock of df hair lol