just bored, hope ggpo legends go to evo if so

5 v 5 20 bucks a person or more

just be real, if you play on ggpo like a motherfucker be on team ggpo it is to your discretion, no shit talk

if you feel like you should be on team irl that is to your discretion as well

who are the ggpo legends that would be on the 5 man team? (i don’t play on ggpo i don’t know)

Would probably just come down to who actually is down to go to EVO. Cant be picky considering EVO really doesn’t bring anything to the table for 3s players. (no tournament/on console) Anyway, off the top of my head the best players I consider GGPO regulars.

westcoast: tenren/ac-slayer/myself/cruise/neiman/akaata/wuziq
eastcoast: nica k.o/mgear (probably missing more, eastocoast pings 120 for me so I wouldn’t really know who’s good there)
central: yuuki

I know Luka mentioned to me that he wanted to run a side tournament sometime last year (post 10’ evo) and wanted a dedicated room for 3s players to chill and just play casuals, I’d likely be down if that were the case… other then that evo seems bunk.

i’m all for it. maybe even if 3s0 comes out we can run the tourney on it. it’d be new and fresh for everyone.

I doubt most GGPO players would get off their ass. That, and most of the GGPO regulars have only been playing for about 2 years. The teams would be pretty lopsided unless players like Yuuki or Nica are on the GGPO team.


My room at Evo is available for this and i’ll record it also. I’d love to spectate something like this also

Team irl is a dope name.

But yeah it’s true. Some guys live in like la county and don’t even go to so cal tourneys. These mofos won’t make it to Vegas.

i am team hybrid. jordan nica neiman and mgear can be on my team lol

leave team ggpo for people like cruise tenren artayes and denjizz

I think most of the best players on ggpo would fall under hybrid. I’ve been playing at arcades since 03 but then hopped on GGPO after it shut down.

My money is on Tenren, and if he’s on team GGPO, then it’s already over for Team IRL.

def underestimating the power of IRL

True, but are the best in the US really going to show up to this? I doubt Pyro is going to go for example. Last I heard the Denjin guys consider Evo a big joke and wouldn’t dare stoop to that level.

I’d like to see this happen though, it’d be fun. Anything that gets 3s any sort of presence at Evo again.

Names I’d like to see from GGPO would be Cruise, Tenren, Tenkens, Nica, and 4y3Paragon. Haha. It’d be interesting to see how a guy like Cruise does against the best offline guys.

i have played ggpo a handful of times at yuuki and mutant’s house, i could be on team ggpo

mutant too!

Sounds good to me. Make it a 10v10.

Nah. IRL is just a bunch of US players that go to Japan, and think their good. Tenren shits bricks.




You have a knack for false assumptions, it’s cute. You’re a nobody, sorry.

who the fuck is joe the condor? lol

ryan. vs joe the condor ft 10 for 1000 dollars. WHO ARE U PUTTING UR MONEY ON?