EVO: A Cautionary Tale

What do you guys think? Agree? I think a precaution is necessary for people who attends EVO.

Yeah, warning, it’s about an hour long, hopefully you guys take the time to watch and listen.

I watched this the other day when he posted it on youtube and though it sucks what happened to him this is not an FGC problem. Ppl will take advantage of you if they can and that goes for all communities not just the FGC. He had a bad run in with 4 ppl and wants to make it out to be an FGC problem. Imo you have to help out each other if your really a member of a community those 4 guys sound more like FGC fans than real members of the community. Don’t try and make this be a reflection of something that its not.

This is more about 4 jerks who took advantage of a gullible man’s kindness…and less about the fighting game community as a whole.

I personally talked to 4 or so first time goers after the event who said their Evo experience was nothing short of awesome. One was surprised at how friendly the community was toward him.

The Darkguyver guy mentioned the whole Cross Tekken show debacle…yet nothing was mentioned about the good that the community has done:

Raised money for Breast Cancer by auctioning off the eight slot for EVO…which was probably about $200,000.
When Spooky lost his equipment at customs…the EVO staff supplied him with replacements.
When Chris Hu lost his house in a fire…the community donated to him and his family.
When DaRabidDuckie was having a rough time with his eye injury, and unemployment…the community chipped in.
Wen Mummy-B and Dasrik passed away…the community came together and helped out.


That’s off the top of my head.

What happened to the guy sucked…it really does…but there are quite a few things that the guy could’ve done to smooth the situation.


only watched half way. I woulda tell all the 4 bitches to come n sit down. i’ll then bitch them at their faces. the rest of the time being there will be awkward as fuck. therefore I wouldn’t let this shit happen to begin with. fuck I don’t even do this split gas/food bullshit with the people who considered as my friends let alone these strangers. turned out most are so called friends are just freeloader. you do them favors they don’t return them. when shits happens they’ll put it on you.

you seem to be a nice/cool dude but you’re too gullible man.

LISTEN! don’t listen to these faggots on here telling you to support the community and all that shit. FUCK THEM ALL! don’t listen shits to people you don’t know. enjoy the games you love and go to tournaments and that’s it! No need to help set this and that bullshit most importantly picking people up and set out rules n shit. a lot of times SHIT WILL GO WRONG! if you’re going to do it then only pick one guy only! shit even that, shit can still go wrong.

you seem like a good friend to have but for goodness sake don’t do this kind of help the community BULLSHIT again plz! enjoy chatting and competing with the people on here, but avoid meeting up and spending the weekend n shit.

I hope you’re seeing this same as the 4 bitches seeing this too.

Sounds like you picked up a bunch of deadbeats.

Next time, ask for money up front or they don’t even get into the car. Only way to make sure these days.

Agree with DiosX. Stay poverty, FGC.