EVO: A Documentary


Hi guys!

Some of you may remember a while back a trailer for an EVO documentary that I was working on. I finally finished it all up and wanted to post it here in case anyone was interested! It’s a simple passion project that I wanted to make in order to give the average player an idea of what to expect from the amazing event. I hope that those of you that are interested enjoy it! Take care!



Update: Link now works!


Somebody get this to the frontpage!


WoW that’s so cool! You were the guy that sent me to losers on Marvel xD
Hardc0re from Brazil here ^^ (my name appears at 05:24 hahahaha)

I don’t remember our match, but I’m more of a SF player so I’m sure it was free for you haha.
Anyways, I’m still watching it, didn’t finish it yeat, but it’s awesome so far :slight_smile:

Cya at EVO 2013 :slight_smile:


I emailed it to SRK and EventHubs, but haven’t heard anything yet! I would be honored if they posted it! Hopefully they see my email :smiley:

I remember our match! I had a great time playing with you :smiley:


Just saw the entire documentary and had a blast! Awesome! It was just like my experience. It’s great.
Yes, people need to go there at least 1 time. And prolly will keep comming for the following years after that.

Bit of an offtopic: Even tho it didn’t make it to the documentary, did you record our fight? If so, can you send it to me via PM? My camera wasn’t working so I got ZERO footage of myself at EVO and, since it was my first EVO, I’m very sad/pissed about it.

If you have anything recorded about myself, please send to me via PM if it’s not much trouble ok?

Thank you very much in advance :slight_smile:


I do have our Marvel matches. I will try and upload them Unlisted on YouTube and send them to you. The file size is HUGE so I’ll have to try and do it on a day when i have a lot of time to upload haha.


Thank you very much man :slight_smile:


great watch loved it. :slight_smile:

10 out of 10


What a great documentary! Gives a average player like myself a real good/honest perspective on a BIG tournament like EVO.
Big up!

Are you going to make video footage this year aswell @ EVO 2013? Just curious.


Haven’t watched the full thing but I have to comment on the intro. It’s way too complex. A person who doesn’t already know a decent amount about fighting games is going to get confused. It seems like common knowledge to us but when you mention mix-ups and cross-ups, people who don’t play or that mash buttons won’t even know what you mean. Probably would have been better to just say, “This is your health bar, attack your opponent until theirs is depleted.” and called it a day. Anywho, back to viewing.


Pretty awesome! You play a mean Juri


Now… will Poongko pick Seth and be able to make it to EVO and beat Tokido and Infiltration this year…


great vid, needs more likes.