EVO advice suggestions and stuff I can't seem to find answers to in other threads



Sup guys. Quick question: who’s going to EVO? What pool/time are you in? Any notable players in your pool?

I’m in pool a10 with Fubarduck and several Canadians. What exactly should I be prepping for with this knowledge? Should I consider having a pocket top tier alt just incase of awful match-ups?? (lol bad match-ups)

This is my first EVO so I would much rather be over prepped than not ready.


Not sure how many of us around here are going to be doing the EVO thing. It’s like you and UltraDavid. The rest of us are superfrauds, myself especially. I’m going to try to get down next year.

Be scared of the Canadians. If they’ve flown down, they’re paying a mint to compete. Ho ho.


Goddammit Krackatoa, you’re killing me here. We’re seriously lacking non-fraudulent Dan players. More thoughts when I return.


I’ll be in pool E3 with Juicebox and Haitani. I really feel like I should get top 3 in that pool, but as always, just depends on whether my execution is ok or not that day. In 3 of the last 4 majors I’ve played in, I’ve gotten top 3 in my pool, and in 2 of those I got to winners finals. But I haven’t made it out of pools, in large part because I just can’t keep my execution on point for that long (at CEO it started off terribly so I went 1-2, and the first guy I lost to even was like “boy, if you hadn’t dropped that stuff you’d probably have won”). So we’ll see! I’ll definitely be practicing up before then, already started the Makoto practice last night.

I keep my telling my friends who are good players that they should take a look at Dan, and regardless of what I show them or how well I do despite having awful execution, they always refuse. I wanna see a good Dan player some day!


We still have dem Japanese online players.

I haven’t tried getting my friends to seriously learn Dan, but that would be a headache on its own. How exactly did you arrive to a conclusion to get people to try Dan? I see this conversation with James Chen being really funny.


I don’t think any of those online players are good. I think the closest is Kubobuuuu but he clearly doesn’t know some important stuff. Imo nobody in the world is actually good with Dan, even the players who are currently better than anyone else with him.

I haven’t asked James. I’ve asked Combofiend because I think Dan’s style would really suit Combo well. I’ve also asked a few other guys. None of them have been willing to give him a try.


Done. I will go agitate Combofiend about it after I’ve gotten him drunk/beat him in Rock/Paper/Scissors.

Curious question, Mr. UltraDavid. Have you ever gotten shit for playing Dan?


Nope, just slept on. Also I’m pretty bad at video games now, so the sleeping is not unwarranted, it’s just more my fault than my character’s.


Sounds fair. The trolling is savage up here in Norcal so I can’t always sleep on it. Luckily, I own a horsehead.


ah boo, was looking forward to watch an army of Dan players represent at Evo on stream.


Just played a bunch of sets versus Rose, Dee Jay, Dictator, T.Hawk, and Viper. I have questions regarding these matches. I’ll get back home before I type it up.


Is this as bad as I think it is? Pretty much all of Rose’s normals beat out Dan in every way. Even if you consider frame traps, Rose has superior options. Perhaps it was a player match-up and not a character match-up; the guy I played had a tendency to mash cr.LK without fail. It’s a good 3 frame move, no doubt. Stuffs a lot of Dan’s options. Also turns out Rose’s backdash is better than Dan’s and I can’t really option select (can you OS?) with Dankyukus.
My question: Should I work on this match or play my secondary?

Dee Jay
Whatever was discussed in the other threads about fast/instant air LK.Danku and “approaching” Dee Jay in a different way (I forgot the exact term, please correct me if source is found) were put to the test and I found several things.
-My execution and reaction still sucks.
-I need to whiff punish with ultra instead of muscle memory cl.MP, cr.MP xx Gadouken fadc KRK
-cr.MK is pretty good.
Other than that, this match has be plaguing me for months and I still need to work on it.
My question: If I’m going to play my another character for this match, should I just play a “better” shoto?

I wish I had more time with this match but the guy I ended up playing seemed to be having some sort of salty evening. The aforementioned Dee Jay guy (see above) was wrecking him all night so I’m not sure if I had a strong grasp on the game. On top of that, he didn’t seem to have any knowledge of the match up so he repeatedly tried to Psycho Crusher through stuff when I had U1 stocked. When I didn’t have meter, he just played footsies with s.MK and s.HK all day.
My question: Can I OS his teleport on wake-up? Is there a proper input?

This was a scrub churning better, to be honest. I went in respecting the guy but he started churning whenever I got a knockdown so I’m not sure if I learned much from this. I know it’s supposed to be a 7-3 in Hawk’s favor, but I’m not sure what I should be looking out for. I know to punish Condor Dives with U1 but that’s it.
My question: How wild should I go in swinging against random opponents? When’s a good spot to stop and pretend to play solid?

This was super weird. The guy commented that I had gotten better, which I pointed out that he just got worse. We both agreed on that and proceed to mash and hurl insults at each other. I’m not sure if I learned anything from this other than when Viper gets a stun and does level 3 focus, Dan crumbles in a weird way that Viper can whiff normals.
My question: For burn kick mix-ups, is there an easier way to block other than to guess?


If you run into Juicebox, and he’s using Cody, watch out for Bingos.

All day. Through all your Danku. On reaction(?). Doesn’t matter when you do it.


Question about the term "churning ". Is that rolling the stick for a constantly prepped 360? If someone would clarify I’d appreciate it


How did everyone go at Evo?