Evo aftermath!=]



K first of all big thx to the cannons and anyone who helped make evo work. This year was definitly alot better then last year even though i think last year fucking rocked also =O!

Lets see were to start off hmmm the GGXX 5on5 i really had the wrong idea going into this i had this idea that all ec xx players were asses, i heard they were talking alot of shit etc… but turns out i was wrong wow all of the ec ggxx player were fucking chill ass FUCK! i prob spent most time hanging out with them

now the actual tourney top 32 wow i know all brackets were hard but gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay geting mago first reallly fucked it up for me then i heard i play eric choi i knew i wasnt gona make top 8 =((( needless to say i was rather sad =O.

the biggest upsets that got me were Fubarduck losing to my homie from vegas peter(SuhtigerJK) big ups peter! Fubar has the sickest zappa i ever seen O_O!! hella impressive shit

Duece losing to matt from vegas O_O like i said matt is so fucking random he has no clue what game hes playing but i knew he would beat some one good just didnt think some one this good o_O

Romel -Chaotic Blue, Losing to Kono, kono has a sick ass fucking eddie mad props goes out to the eddie players =] but still expected this beast to make top 8

I was kinda disapointed to see the japanese only play sol i really wanted to see some japanese venom,zappa,anji,eddie,slayer not to hate but sol isnt the funest to watch, with the exception of the japanese wow Miu/Daigo with there fucking crazy ass tricks.

MvC2 wow hella gay year haha finals = huge disapointment

ricky is good but he plays veryyyyy gay/boring rowtrons little combos were 9128910820x more entertaining then watching ricky play

The actual mvc2 5on5 was alot better then the tourney GO SOO! =O

overall i know i dont make any sence im just rambling on but thx to the cannons for evo i met so many people this tourney so many cool peeps

Special shout outs to these extra cool people!

All of the EC GGXX team

Kenji (KBnova)
Roger (Friends forever! :grin: ) ill speak spanish for u when your in need ^^
Fatcat - Nice sol fag =]!!
The dizzy player - Wow u got a nice ass dizzy keep working for that best dizzy in the us ^
^ (sorry forgot your name><)
Hyrdra (sorry if thats not how your sn is spelled) Nice ky man fuck your right up there with final showdown!)
FubarDuck - best zappa in the us the end.
Saif/romel - Still the best xx players in my book too good! >
<!! sol/jam how real is that =o
Justus - Sickest Venom =o
potter/shady/clock/Deus- Always love for the cali cats :slight_smile:
Team AZ - U guys are still some of the chillest mother fuckers out there keep upping your game =)!!

Anyone i didnt mention i prob forget your name >_< (sorry met so many people)

i got 389 pictures from evo get off that! if anyone got any random pictures of me hit me up lol pm me or sum thing CANT WAIT FOR NEXT EVO!!

oh yea i heard some people were shit talking me ;(!!!


Damn you always forget us. Ah well, I guess I’ll try and remember something next year again for ya. Mad props the the EC GGXX players they are all cool too. Mad props to the Texas crew for being hella bad ass in GGXX, damn Aznhitlers Johnny, that’s prolly one of the Johnny’s I hella wanna play. Damn that Fubar didn’t make it and for not getting a chance to play your crazy ass Zappa, dude swear I wished this tourney was held on the arcade rather than console. Grats to Petezta for rep’in Vegas thou. Shin Kensou (Kevin), dude your Chipp’s the bomb :). And the Dizzy player btw ruin- is Destin, mad props to his Dizzy too, him and also team texas’s Genius, cool dizzy over all. Both impressive and thanks to these two, I’ll learn Dizzy. Eric’s Baiken is quick ass hell. Dude too bad he met Mago :(. 7-3 match againts Baiken is kinda hard to overcome. Meeting Pat the Great was bad ass too. Lonelyfighter’s a hater, but cool as hell. Tragic’s always tragic :). Mad props on your eddie/chipp and that one crazy ass counter combo by your pot haha even if it’s only training mode combo it’s still cool as hell to watch. Daigo’s Sol is nuts, but Saif’s is freaking cool as well. Nice to see ID’s Sol and Rommel, damn was nice to see your Jam there too. You two are as cool as hell. Matt, omg Matt beating Duece, no way. But Random Pot=random wins like I always say.

Who else? Ahh yes, Row’s freaking Venom, bad ass for beating INO. OMG thank god we got that on tape. To the Vegas crew, you guys are cool as always. Even though ruin- forgot to mention our crew. And everyone else I forgot to mention. You may all not remember me, but this is JP Ikari, hehe the short Filipino/Asian dude who has a spikey hair. Forgot to mention, meeting Billy Natividad of Seattle crew was bad ass too hehe. Too bad he got Daigo in his bracket (who else made it in yours btw?). Anyway, this experience was great, great matches over all except the finals in MvC2, but that was a given since I’m from WC and I wanted Row to be up there to represent, props to Ricky for being in Evo, last year I didn’t get a chance to see him dominate, now I did. He also almost beat Daigo twice in Third Strike with the final game being hella bad ass (dude how many can actually say that???). INO for showing that K-groove is the shit this year, except if you turtle like hell and have A-groove Sakura who will eat you alive.

Anyway, see ya’ll next year, and hopefully another memorable tourney :). Peace!!!

JP Ikari

P.S. To the Cannon’s, this has got to be the best out of the 3 years I have entered this tourney. You guys are yer guys’s crew did one hell of a job on the set-up. Hopefully next year, it’s SBO like :).


Man, you met me, and I was the shit! What was up with Viscant’s vibrating comb :confused: ?!


ROFL! yea thats sick!hahaha

wops sorry jp i didnt mention u guys cause u guys are like team vegas u know? dont act like i dont got love =)


sup random mexican here from vegas =D this is the first big tourney ive been to and i have to say this shit was tight. I loved the East Vs. West both GGXX and MVC2 shit was too hype. Roger guy from east coast, thnx for housing me, even though u probably didnt know i fell asleep in ur hotel room =D. shadyk,justus,dues,viscant,clockwork and potter u nikkas are way to funny you guys+daniel aka ruin=good time nikkas had me crackin up. EVO was awsome had a great time.


THX dude, I was soooo hellla nervous though I just played like ass (although your boy Peter wasn’t bad). Sorry for putting on such a disappointing show, I hope to show otherwise in the future. I practiced my game a lot and I think it was solid, but I just couldn’t control the pressure after I lost to Alex T. who I thought was some random scrub (but ended up being really awesome, so mad props to him)! Next tourney I am gonna get blown or something before my matches and rush that shit down. Props to you for the sickest Eddie I’ve ever seen.


evo was dope


Host those pics man!:lol:


i just want to give thanks to the cannons+staff for a good tournament, and personal thanks for helping me out with regestration. evolution was pretty much a disaster for me discounting the tournament. i lost my wallet on the way to cali(hopefully theyll let me get on the plane today), and i think i lost my ipod in the ballroom(if youre honest, kick my shit back down to me. thx). not to mention i was so sick i was shivering the whole time. and damn i shouldnt have eaten that whole cookie at once.

but anyway, much props to apoc and roger, blunted out convos till 6 am is too fun.
thanks to my peeps from md/va for having my back.
props to all repped EC.
props to all who repped their coast.
special props to ricky. he fucking won by the rules of the game. that shit is retarded.
props to all for a good tourney.


sup fubar…
you beat my faust, but not my ky! (my claim to fame)

you and kensou are both real good, even though you guys lost to my baiken mashing homie :frowning:

haha, props to the best zappa i’ve played against

cool chilling, peace


Some of the peeps who made top 32 for xx

Kono,dotq,ID,CB(romel),Peter SuhtigerJK(axl player) Rowtrons head crack pron is standing up

matt aka tank the random potemkin player


wow i just ran into this thread, thought i’d post and just bump this shit up :slight_smile:

anyways, fubarduck i was nervous as well and wasn’t playing my best. I lost to that Alex T guy too (he was my first opponent, i was hella worried after i lost to him). Then I came back whew, hella sigh of relief. Anyways good game. That last match once i saw Raou i nearly shit my pants, and i was low in health. I barely had over 50% tension to pull off the overdrive, thought I’d throw it out once u got close to me (plus since u had Raou I would assume you’d be in rush mode). Anyways i look foward to next year’s evo. Good shit everyone.