EVO Akumas

I have only seen Edma’s Akuma but which other Akuma played good at EVO? Though I was dissappointed that he took Zangief against Wong’s Rufus. It was like giving Wong a free match point.

Though Daigo’s Ryu just seems to screw rushdown Akumas. Only Momochi has the best chance against his Ryu.

Look for the thread called Akuma players going to Evo. I believe it might have some videos too. It shouldnt be hard to find, it’s on the first page.

Shady K made it to top 8 with his Akuma and his gameplay was good. I saw Sanford play and I liked his Akuma as well. Also, J.R. Rodriguez. I just saw one match with him against Flash Metroid and I liked it. Those there were pretty good.

i don’t want to veer off topic…but the evo stream made me feel that i was back in 1997…shittiest stream ever, i hope some higher quality comes out of it(something with above 10 FPS)

I think the stream was bad because the 20fps stream is free. I heard if you have a premium membership to IGN you can download Evo videos.

i hope they lose rights to broadcast for next evo. That way they will have to fight to regain rights and make sure their quality is good. If they won’t agree - give it to another website that will make revenue of advertisement during this peak period.

As an FYI, here is an email I received yesterday from IGN.

I hate IGN. Those guys are a bunch of dicks. Anybody know how Shin_Akuma204 did?

As it was 1,400 man tourney (or some figure like that), the pool stages were massive and very competitive. Ryan Hart, ‘official’ European SF4 Champ, lost out on his place when he encountered Arturo in the finals of his pool and didn’t make it through.

I did have a look in one or two pool brackets myself to locate Shin’s progress, but there’s just way too much to filter through for me to stick to it.

Huh? Ryan Hart most certainly made it out of pools, he played my friend Scunsion in his first match in semifinals.

I just wonder how they went about unlocking all the characters on the PS3’s they used at EVO. How many did they have there btw?

Is that so?


Eliminated mid pool.

I wasn’t prepared for an hour waiting period between matches. :frowning:

Got top 16 in HDR tho. :slight_smile:

lol thats funny

Bummer. I was quietly rooting for you. I’m hoping to get good enough for next year.

Bad luck in SFIV man, but very nice stuff in HDR.
Good luck in future tournaments bro.

Isn’t it tho? I go there specifically for SF4 but do well in HDR.

Now I know what to expect. Next year I’ll bring my laptop to play SF4 on so I stay ready in between matches.

Hell man for all you know by the time Evo rolls around next year it could be something completely different =\

True enough, but I don’t think how it is run would be different. So I still should know what to expect.

damn, i was quietly rooting for you and JR, too.