EVO and IGN Insider doubt

Couldn’t find a thread, so I’m starting one:

I just saw and bought the EVO IGN INSIDER package for the Evo Matches this year. Since I’ve already paid (i was excited by the news, since I’m from Brazil and the dvd’s shipping prices were tough on the previous years) I come here for a question:

We’ll be able to DOWNLOAD the files right? It’s not going to be some kind of streaming that you have to wait for each match to load? I definately expect that this will be downloadable, otherwise i’ll just have to look for a way to cancel my order since my 1mb internet doesn’t really encourage me to pay 15 bucks for streaming.

If anyone can answer me, i’ll be waiting.


You can download all of the other movies hosted on/by IGN Insider, riiiight? (honest question) If yes, I would only assume that the Evo videos will be just the same.

v v v quality is “HD”

This was on the second page of the EVO forum…

Faster, better, and cheaper is the hype. I’m not concerned about faster, I’ll wait patiently for footage. I’m also not concerned about price, as my premium membership shows. The only thing that I’m concerned with is quality and downloading (aka being able to keep a hard copy) of the files.