EVO and other Tournament Rules on Controllers

I checked every where and could not find the answers to the following.

On a stick can two buttons be wired to one input? Like two button are wired to the X button.

Can you wire two inputs to one button? Like X and O to one button.

These are not macros and since pads technically have two directional inputs (one digital and one analog) are stick restricted to that condition?


Here’s something a bit more specific…


I’m assuming that both two button wired to the X button as well as X and O wired to one button is allowed since it’s not “Hardware programmable input entry, rapid-fire, or other hardware assisted mechanisms” . Hori pads have options to assign the L1/L2 and R1/R2 and they are not restricted hardware. I’m just trying to clarify this because hardware assisted mechanisms to my knowledge means turbo or robot.

some games allow a 2 input press to one button in their controller config if i remember right
SF does let you assign throw to a button, same with focus attack, taunt, 3x, etc…
as long as its software, not hardware then its okay

its like how we were talking about a block button back in the day of hitbox’s inception when you wire left and right to one button like a ninja even on a traditional joystick

Custom button layout and mappings are allowed
Custom button configurations are allowed

Left + Right to do a SOCD Double-block on the other hand will get you banned from the tournament as that is exploting a glitch in the game code (as well as any other game exploits/ glitches).

Only 1 game has this as a issue, that was the vanilla Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 has addressed the issue.
Which I am sure Evo will be going to U MvC 3 in 2012 (as U MvC 3 has a number of other re-balancing as well).

Reasons Hit box is still legal is that the double block is possible on any controller (pad, stick, keyboard, hit box or what have you, see Hit box threads).
Hit Box brand Hitbox controllers have custom firmware to be anti-SOCD. And Toodles made a SOCD cleaner board for custom and mods controllers.

Evo is not and will not do SOCD checking because the lack of resources, time and man power (staff) to check every single controller. It is just not feasible, and is Mr Wizard’s final ruling on the issue.

As for Macros, In game Macro such as 3X punch and 3X kick, taunt, throws, tags and anything that can be selected in the Button config menu is legal.
Any macros on the controller side, such as setting up a single button to do a 1-button Shoryuken is illegal
Use of Turbo is also banned. Having these features on your controller is allowed but you can’t use them (at all) or the majority of retail arcade sticks would be banned.

With all that information everyone kindly provided it looks like I can wire down and right to one button. Even if it can be argued that it’s a hardware assisted mechanism a joystick is technically a hardware assisted mechanism. By shifting the stick to the corner two inputs are activated at the same time. Down plus right does not make a one button Shoryuken or anything else for that matter. But the only issue is does this fall under hardware macro? It’s not a sequence of inputs, it’s only two inputs at the same time. I can see the argument for both sides but without an official ruling or definitions on the terms I can’t tell.