Evo Announcement Coming Friday 2/29

get hype!

word? o shit!

Uh oh, my spine just got Tingly.

It’s a trick. He didn’t mention which time zone.

Cant Wait ! ^.^

Hopefully it’s not that rumored “no tea @ evo” announcement.

Hopefully it’s the dates. Need to start planning that shit asap.

Dood speaking of which, that Smoothie Paradise at GVR, was so damn good lol. It was expensive but I’ll be damned, those were my favorite smoothies I’ve had at a place like that.

Wii tennis is in the lineup? prays

Told you guys.

Wii F**kin Tennis!!

LMFAO!!! cant wait to see what type of witch craft the japs bring :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m scaried! :crybaby:

SFIV playable at Evo World? And on top of that, a tournament?

I’m really hoping someone googles that and it gets a lot of hits to this page. :looney:

P.S. – JPN Wii Tennis players are cheap. They parry shit. No joke. :rofl:

you know its intense when theres an announcement for the coming announcement

man, it’s going to be agonizing to wait so long.

I just hope Cvs2 is still in

i jus wanna know wat games r gonna be in this evo for sure

As long as 3S is there it’s worth my trip :woot:.
Still pulling for GGXXAC.