Evo Archive?


Is there no place to watch the entire top8 from the streams, without them being cut up and put on youtube? I just want to watch the action without spoilers, so its really hard to look out of fair from being spoiled. Interested in Top8 BB, and SSFAE, any help would be appreciated.


SSF4 Top 8:
Don’t look at the comments or the description box and you should be fine.


Thanks, thats great!


Don’t suppose anyone got a video for the entire top 32 of AE? Or day 1 pools for that matter. Can only find seperate matches, but would be gold to have one full video. Was planning on watching the stream archives, but that doesn’t seem to be an option for whatever reason…


I think they are selling a DVD sometime later with the matches of Evo (I could be wrong) but Evo never archived their streams.


Last year i was able to see everything after the event ended, same thing 2 years ago.

Also, stream 1 day 2 is availabe, that is for mvc3 and there is about 1hr of stream2 + day 3 finals.

I don’t know why the rest are missing, i know team spooky and levelup were in charge of streams, so you might have better luck asking them.

I would like to see sf4 day 1 myself since i didn’t manage to see more then 1hr of the morning games.


I don’t know why they would try to hold on to that stuff for the DVD. By the time it comes out people don’t care anymore or have watched rips of the stream posted elsewhere. A nice documentary of the event capturing the behind the scenes, interviews with the players, the after hours action and the hype of the whole event is something I would buy not a DVD of matches.


How are these nowhere to be seen still? So many people watched it, but no one has it? Not even in low quality?.. How would nobody keep archives of this stuff? I’ve been looking desperately all over for them but nothing.

It came as an ever bigger surprise when TeamSp00ky commented on it but the Stream was not done on the usual place, and no archives were kept while TeamSp00ky videos generally all have archives! Hours and hours of that stuff on justin.tv alone.


Did it ever occur to you to check the evo2k ustream page? :slight_smile:

Check out all the auto-recorded footage in the “Videos” pane at the right side of the page…

Edit: Hmm, looks like there’s no day 1 coverage in the link.


Are there any HQ releases like the ones IGN released when they covered EVO?