Evo article on HGM

for the peeps who didn’t get the free mag subscription :pleased:


good find :tup:

Thats a fucking guy holding that stick.

You know, I have the free magazine subscription, but haven’t had a magazine turn up since the serious same issue a few months ago. Weird.

Kinda a light article, interviewing the T5 winner and suggesting anyone who likes to play on P360s buy a japanese stick??? Com’n, obviously if you like P360s and you want a decent console stick without the hassle, toss in an ultimate or super and call it a day, not a stick thats a completely different style (as in japanese style vs american style)!

Where did she get that Parappa hat? I want one!!

Fun read, besides the interview where the Tekken 5 champion makes a BS statement about Street Fighter not being as technical as Tekken.
Obviously he’s never played Third Strike.

rofl at this comment, ive played crow in various sf games including 3s, he’s pretty fuckign solid in sf games in general.

I didn’t mean that literally, but to say that one game isn’t as technical as another is purely a matter of opinion, and it just doesn’t sound all that educated.
Third Strike and Tekken 5 are both slower paced technical games. I don’t see why he stereotyped Street Fighter like that.

lmao no homo on them calllin potter the “magic boy” XD

Because if you play chun li it gets about as technical as kara throw. I don’t know who he plays. But I can see where a less technical statement might come from.

Good thing I was sporting my best shirt that day. :tup:

Arturo - where were you this year…:sad:

Art’s too busy for the community nowadays. :sad:

You better be around CF when I come home for X-Mas, Art! >=O

Vanessie’s Nyankoburger stick is top tier. :tup:

Yo who is that girl with that crazy ass joystick

That shit made me laughhhh. Whoever made Vanessie that joystick should make me a joystick too, Girl might fall inlove with me :stuck_out_tongue:

soooo um any more pics of girls with stix? =x

also what kind of hardcoregamers would recommend SFAC crapass stick? more like hardcore sellouts! =x

Hey, at the very least they state that gumball is better…

Holy Crap! A new Sam & Max game!!! :wow: … I… oh.

I agree, that guy doesnt know wut the hell he’s talking about.:tup:

Obviously you’ve never played Tekken.

Are you even serious? First off, if we’re talking technical fighters, 3s is one of the least. On the whole, SF is more mindgame oriented than technical anyways.Tekken on the other hand, IS TECHNICAL, thats the whole point of tekken.

Maybe I made a bit of a hasty comment, but I always thought mind-games were part of what made a game technical.

What’s the official definition of technical anyway?
I just categorize it as the depth of the fighting system in general and I always thought that the way Third Strike’s normals played so much into the whole mind-game thing was part of what made the game deep and technical, but from what I gather from your post, it’s more about how much there is to learn in terms of moves/juggles/combos and things like that?

I wasn’t trying to knock Tekken or anything, I just didn’t like the comment he made about SF, and he kind of lumped SF and MvC into the same sentence which didn’t sit well with me.

“Slower, more technical” said that he thought SF wasn’t as deep as Tekken to me.
Guess I was wrong?