Evo attendance/registration count?

I think it’s really odd that we haven’t seen anything of this sort put out! I want to know at the very least a reasoning behind this. But if this is something you guys are saving intentionally please let me and the rest of us know. I want to know at least the numbers for SF and MvC3. :slight_smile:

Oh shit, are you the same kenmasterX that made top 32 in MvC3? Oh, lucky for me you have it in your signature! My bad. :]

well…i attended…so 1.


I heard on the streams and saw it again on one of the post evo videos that said how many pools were established:

AE had north of 90 pools
MVC3 had around 70 pools
MK9 had around 50 pools

If 16ppl = 1 pool, that’s roughly:
AE ~ 1400
MVC3 ~ 1100
MK9 ~ 800

I don’t remember T6 nor Blaz

Numbers were something ridiculous, and thats not counting the people who just went to spectate, play casuals or try out the new builds. Numbers were earth shattering this year.

AE had 91 pools
MVC3 had ~67 pools
MK9 had 31 or 32 pools
T6 was like 16
BB was like 13 or 14


Well assuming every pool had exactly 16 people(I’m sure this wasn’t the case, but lets just go with this), each game had the following number of people

AE 1456
MVC3 1072
MK 464 or 480
T6 256
BB 208 or 224

One of the press releases mentions 2400 competitors competed. I’m sure there were a lot of cross over, but it also looks like there were a lot of people(including myself) who were only there to compete in one game. With SFxT coming out next year, it will be very interesting to see if AE with a new balance update can still hold onto the top spot for EVO 2K12. But with another big game on the horizon, it looks like no game will surpass the numbers SSF4 had during EVO 2K10 for a good while.

turn that frown upside down, ul make it out of pools next year =}