EVO attendees/participants needed for interviews


Hey there, participants and attendees of the 2009 EVO Tournament!

My name is Todd Harper, and I’m a doctoral student at Ohio University’s school of Media Arts and Studies. As part of my dissertation, I’m doing some research on fighting gamers, especially tournament players. You may have seen me taking notes around EVO, perhaps!

In any event, the study is looking at how gamers think about the rules of games and how they express themselves as fighting gamers, particularly through big social events and tourneys like EVO. The goal is to better understand how gaming fits into fans’ lives and how different gamer identities get managed.

I’m interested in interviewing people who attended EVO this year, either just to watch or as a tournament player. If you’re interested and willing to help, I’d love to interview you; it would take about an hour of your time. The interviews would preferrably be done over VoIP like Skype or Ventrilo, but I can also do normal phone calls too (I’ll call you, no worries on paying for the call). Your feedback and name will be confidential.

If you’d like to be interviewed, please email me at th298206@ohio.edu to let me know. You can also email if you have any questions about the project or about the interviews, to ask about the sorts of questions I’d be asking, or anything else. Thank you very much!

This research project has been approved by Ohio University’s Institutional Review Board.


yeah man i saw you there. you were sittin down next to me at one point. I had to walk past you when HD remis was goin on cuz i couldnt find a chair. just PM me and ill be glad to help you out.


I think I chatted with you a bit, I was running 3s Pool A. Good luck with your project, I’m interested to see the results.


I can’t send you a PM quite yet, Neko, since I don’t have 5 posts (I’m new here!), but I’ll try to get ahold of you at some point.

I’m wondering if I should repost this in the general forum. I just don’t want to be Annoying Spammer Guy who Really Wants You To Buy His Stuff.


One thing’s for sure, you can’t be the Guy Selling His Stuff for another 5 months.


Just throwing in a quick question. It’s not a hard one, but does anyone know how many people were at evo?


^ alot… not as much as gencon… but more than my mother’s wedding… more of an official number?.. i was talking to one of the judges who said that there were about 1,000 participants (in SF4) and about 1600 observers…


Haha. Well, I’m not really selling anything, it’s just a figure of speech, but point taken.


Cool research, and don’t worry, Val is just stating rules, since many posters sometimes violate them. He as a mod just has to be general, so its not targeted towards you, you didn’t violate anything, but it does set example.

Anyhow Welcome to SRK, see sig :wink:

And good luck with your research, I didn’t attend so can’t help you, but noneless congrats, I hope one day to work on my doctoral degree… one day… :slight_smile:


I had figured as much but good to know. Also, if you happen to poke your head in again, Valaris: do you think it’d be alright if I made a post in general basically identical to this one?

Thank you for the well wishes. :slight_smile: And good luck if you decide to pursue your doctorate. I just had to look at my (six digit) student loan figure so I’m a little embittered toward the process at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue: But it’s worth it. I get to do cool stuff like this for a living. :slight_smile: