Evo Basketball 2on2 money games

I just made J.V. this year for my highschool and I am pretty confident in my skills (even though I was second to last on the team list, I barely made the team!). My teammate will be Potter because he is a 3 point specialist. There are no courts near the strip, but since I live here in Vegas I am willing to drive anyone. Thursday or Friday would be ideal.

Who is down to take this challenge?!

EVO MMA matchs now basketball???

I will cross and dunk on you and your boy.

:rofl: JV? yea…this is easy money for me.

me and klt will accept

Accepted, you decide on the number of games/money/point game.


ill take that bet. 1 on 1 or 2 on 2.

however much you want. this goes for anyone as a matter of fact whos down. any amount.

Accepted, decide the stipulations, and get a teammate.

AND REMEMBER EVERYONE, I can drive yall to the courts.

Ill take you one on one, I don’t want potter killin you from the arc:lovin:

ez money

get em wes

aw man this is gonna be funny yo…

its really not gonna be fair. 1vs1 2vs2…whoever is on my team is gonna win regardless.

I dont usually take money from HSers on the court but, i guess ill make an exception:wgrin:

gogo theory bball

lol no offense to potter. hes been the lil homie since 01-02. but ill murk him from behind the line! as for you, how much do you want to play for? please make it worth my while.

oh, and ill do the 2 on 2 as well. ill team up with one of the homies im goin to evo with or any random guy. dont matter.

lol bball at evo??? smh this is tooooooooooooooooooooo freeeeeeee… yo me and epidemic vs any 2… for any amount… :rolleyes:

I’ll play…

I’ll bring my HS Teammate with me on this one.

OR if he can’t make it I’ll pick someone good enough up.

We should do a WC/EC 5v5

Shit would be EPIC

lol ill play u game 21 for 100 dollars… and whoever gets 21 the loser has to also pay 5 dollars per point they lost by… so if its 21-14… lol do the math:woot:

5v5 sounds good. first to 15pts, best out of 3?

word son. This is gonna be FREEEEEEEEEEE :looney:

gonna be a rude awakening



yall will get a chance to win ur money back in marvel:lovin:

guess i gotta call my nigga KOBE.:wgrin: