EVO Bookie Issue

This year, with more big MM happening more than ever there will be mad bills crossing hands. The dilema is, say I go up to watts, one of the biggest bookies and I’m like dude, I’m Joe Schmo, see my name is there I bet like 500 bones now gimmie my scratch.

I think everyone needs to bring IDs and there needs to be some legit way of doing it. If dickfaces stole sticks and ps2s and shit last year, I’m sure there will be mad drama with this so I think the rule should be:


For the smaller more intimate sidebets of course it’ll be okay but for massive ones, I think this rule should be implemented.

This is already covered. When i payed everyone off last year for duc/sanford, they showed some kind of id and signed a paper saying they received their money back.

easiest way is to pay out in order. no matter what size bet. have everything written down, ask their name, how much they bet, if you dont know them, ask for ID. this isnt so tough man. not sure if you guys just arent used to the betting scene or just not comfortable with betting in general, but this is really easy. tough part is getting a hype enough match together to get equal betting on both sides…

PS, vote yes on hsien vs pyro/amir so we can get this thing big!!