Evo brackets summed up in one image

I don’t get it.

Ahhh I get it!! No I don’t sorry…:confused::confused:

Donuts… yeah… i don’t get it either.

That’s the point… No one gets it!

Evo is growing donuts?

Is that some kind of side tourney, whoever grows the biggest donut wins a ken cowboy hat

I still don’t get it. I mean… it could be something about tournament seeding, but there are none >:/

evo brackets fixed to all hell

oh shit I got it!!


Nah man, that’s not it. Is Marn even through the pools? He got outed.

Alex Valle fought the future…Now we have no future…

loool, there was Future, The Future, FutureChamp

thanks for killing our future 3 times over alex =/

seeding is the best thing that happened to brackets

I wonder how those taste…

yea boy