Evo Brackets?

have they been posted publicly yet? Please link if so.

Brackets is future technology, we can only wish.

im looking for them aswell. I cant believe theyre not online.

Someone started one on Challonge.
But it has not been kept updated.

I think the brackets were wacky this year, they really didn’t seem to take regions into account? Some pools had 3 Canadian guys (from the same province even) while others had none?

Some pools were loaded with killers, and others were free rides to top 32?

The Japanese also got pitted against each other mighty early as well?

I can’t really say, because i haven’t seen them, but i know that i’d like to have a look…

^ i hope that isn’t true cuz I would be pretty angry going to the biggest tourney of the year only to be pitted against local competition

i’ve also heard the JPN were clumped together in group stages, which is rather unfortunate and possibly even conspiratorial :S However, there ARE a lot of JPN players so it might be unavoidable

i don’t know if evo releases full brackets so this might all just come down to pure speculation

Sorry to ask this question but I can’t find the answer anywhere, and maybe I’m being blind but I don’t see it on the bracket either. What time will finals be tomorrow night?

^ there’s a schedule on the stream page at the bottom: http://evo2k.com/live/

note the time zone

Thank you.

I asked peeps to hold onto them and send them my way post-Evo. If someone is at Evo now, might want to remind the front desk that I don’t mind typing them in if I have them. My dad’s birthday is today, so I flew back to Seattle early this morning and couldn’t grab the brackets. :slight_smile:

OK, so Wiz is sending me the brackets. I’ll probably have them in a week or so. If you have meaningful questions, lemme know in a week or so.

Yay for Zach

<3 :slight_smile:

OK, these came in the mail. Were there specific questions? I haven’t cracked the package yet, but it’s pretty thick. :slight_smile:

I do have a scanner, but we’re talking many hundreds of scans so I likely wouldn’t do that.

Id like to see mvc3 quarterfinal brackets (ie first brackets post-pools).

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Same with this guy ^

My plan will be to do these as time allows. Look for:

  • http://zachd.com/mvc2/matches/Evolution/evo2k11/brackets/
    to fill up over time, starting with Quarters and Semis. I may or may not do pools, since there are ~400 of those. If you have specific pools of interest, I maybe can do those and/or on an accelerated basis, but … it’s a slow job. :slight_smile: [These are all on high quality paper stock, so I have to hand-scan them as opposed to letting the auto-feeder zoom them through.]

MvC3 quarters and semis are up now.

any way you can put them up on a format a little more…universal?

Not for now. The scanner happily resets itself to XPS after each and every scan. :wtf:

I’ll do the semis/quarters first and then get back to niceties such as non-XPS.

fucking microsoft…

Xerox, actually. :\