EVO Brawl "go or no" POLL

Just curious on where the opinions are coming from. Please be honest - If you consistently put your name in the top half of Brawl tourney results then answer 2 and 4 are for you, if you don’t place high or don’t enter at all then 1 and 3 are all yours. Thanks

If I have the monies, shit yes.

I think that, when he closes these stupid threads, nasir should give out trolling infractions too.

Even if I had the cash, no. Last big tourny I went to was ECC, and there were way too many people there who wore the same clothes for all three days. Smelly ass niggas.

The hell kind of choices are those? Who ISN’T new to Brawl?

Not to mention the horribly improper use of a comma in that last option.

I’m not new to brawl. Been playing it since 95. Game sucks.

Yeah, I’ve tried to be a nice mod thus far, but Sep speaks the truth.