Evo broadcasting equipment


What exactly does evo(or I guess any people broadcasting) use to broadcast the gameplay?

I had thought they would use a spliter, but would that not cause some display lag?


Man, who is telling people that splitters cause lag? You’re like the second person I’ve seen today.

The answer is no, not all splitters cause lag. In the case of HDMI, a powered splitter won’t introduce latency into the video path – that’s how most people split the video. PS3 -> Splitter, then a cable from the splitter to the monitor and another to the recording setup (HDCP-stripper + capture gear, whatever set-up is used).

Similarly, if your video path is component video, you can get by with a good distribution amplifier with no lag. The rule of thumb is that you want to avoid using the pass-through on whatever capture device you’re using for the player monitor – that’s usually going to introduce lag.

A lot of information about the whole art of streaming can be found in this excellent, long thread.


Rule of thumb: Is the splitter powered? It’s probably just fine.


Ah thanks. I had just read a while back that splitters cause video lag, or video degradation.
[S]On paper I’m pretty sure your going to get some video lag - in the order of microseconds or lower.[/S]
^^ Just read that thread - answered that question.

I’ll take a look threw that thread.

I’m mostly looking to split the HDMI, send one to my TV and degrade the other to 420p(or lower) into a linux friendly capture card (haven’t seen any linux friendly HDMI capture cards) so I can use my ambient light clone(boblight is the software) with consoles and other input devices.

Watching EVO just made me think about this.


Ouch, just looked at the HDFury stuff. I would need the HDFury4 which is ~ $400

Guess that’s not happening :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t use an HD fury. I don’t even think you need one. Why can you only to 420p?


As I said, I need a capture card that is linux compatible - last I looked all the hdmi capture cards were windows only. It also doesn’t matter if it’s hd or not, i’m not actually ‘capturing’ the stuff i’m just feeding it into boblightd process and output to my ambient light clone.

I thought you needed the HD Fury since the ps3 sends hdcp out?


I use the HDFury2 for the KOcast stream. Works fine and it’s a lot less than the HDFury4.

There’s also an alternative that Avoid The Puddle uses as well. http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=101&cp_id=10114&cs_id=1011405&p_id=5369&seq=1&format=1#largeimage

I prefer the HDFury2 and HDFury Gamer because it has a little more utility in it. Offcast told me that there was an instance where they had to use an older projector, so they had to use HDFury to convert HDMI to component.