Evo Bunking

Me and my Friend Da Wasian are looking for about 4-6 more ppl to bunk with at evo to save money. PM me or post or whatever. Email: Brayne@gmail.com

Will your room consist of late night gaming and loud activity?

in a word half and half

Everyone goes to bed when they go to bed, probably late night gaming, loud maybe. Its whatever man, we just want ppl to split costs with.

I just e-mailed you,Greyhat. Where you look to stay at and how long? I’m flying from Anchorage,AK on the 11th and leaving the 16th(never been to Vegas and wanted some sightseeing time) As long as I can get some space to sleep that’ll be fine.

We are going 12-14

We are going to be there 12-14 just for evo.

its going to be about 110 bucks per person (thats for 4 ppl which is the minimum we will need). I have 2 right now, (me and da wasian) and if u come thats 3 we will need one more. WE would like 6 so its 70 bucks a person. We will try and house as many as possible :karate:

I currently have little chance of making it to evo, but wanna get into a room with like 20 people so I dont have to pay much. too damn expensive.

If I can get a guaranteed cheap room, I’ll definitely take the initiative and purchase plane ticks.

Whats cheap to you?

What is cheap? SolBadguy80 is pretty much coming from what I understand; plus me and da wasian that will make four and as I said that is a 110 dollar room fee. Of couse If I can get more ppl I will, I think the max ppl is going to be 8 (55 bucks roughly). Id prefer 6 ppl which is 70 bucks (pay 20 more bucks for comfort) but I wont turn ppl down thats for sure.

But like I said I need a for sure by at least 2 more ppl, b4 the 21st of this month, after that the next 4 can wait till the last minute to show for all I care as long as they got money :tup:

I just need 2 more for sure ppl and Im set, that is 105 bucks.

If you want to call me my if you need to call me send me an email and I will give you my cell phone #. Plz ppl let me get 2 more ppl that are definitly in

Read your e-mail this morn. I’ll be flying in on the 11th and staying til the 16th.I’m gonna stay on the strip for the other nights unless I can find somebody to house me for the off days.
Hellsap,Did you get my message about me coming to Portland? I’d love to get back and play some comp for the week I’ll be there. Hit me back if it’s still open.

Anybody else up? We could use a few more to help lower cost for everyone…

I’d be up to it. But I won’t know if I am going for sure until 8/5. So if I go I’d love to last minute. However, I would need a cell phone number or something to get in contact with you. If you could e-mail me at STenSatsu@yahoo.com with whether or not this is alright, I could get back to you once I am sure on my arrangements.

ya’ll mind if i crash to? i might need a place to stay thats cheap as hell to oh and what games r u guys going to have for late night gaming?

i have two people from S.cali, myself included, interested in the room…entering 3s tourny.

70bucks for four days??!! probably not, huh. 70bucks a night is still decent. count us in.

I’m also looking for some people to bunk it with. Will be flying from Wisconsin. PM if interested.

i am looking to bunk w/ some peeps. I play mainly CvS2, T5, and some Reload. I am flying in from Virginia on 11th around 10pm and leaving Monday evening. So PM me if you need people.

phd - $70 for 4 days, room split like 8 ways
4 days, 136 a day split 4 ways is $136 total per person
split 8 ways thats halved.
yay, math!
I play #R and SNK games… as well as cvs2 and 3s

Sol - I got your message. Sounds good, we will be having the wednesday meetings still. So just drop a line when you get in town.

Two guys are looking just to stay in a hotel for 2 days (Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 10 - 11). What days are you staying???

got no response on PMs so i’m wondering if this is still open…?

I just went ahead and booked a room for 5 nights at the resort. I got one with 2 queen size beds. As of right now it’s just me, so if anyone need a room, feel free to PM and we will work somthing out. If not i’ll just have a room to myself to bring mad bitches back to, lol. I’m looking for about 3-4 more people to get the room cost down. The room charge is per night, so i may wind up just going somewhere else if no one wants to bunk up. I play just about all the games pretty well, but i’m better at 3s and CvS2. I’m pretty sure i’d be more than a challege for anyone at any game except MvC2 >_< Peace

Shin-When are you coming to Vegas? I have to find someplace to stay at on the 11th and the 15th.

3 guys from the 11th to 15th, PM me please(how much for each head a night)