Evo Casual Championships are go - Final

Casual Tournies Schedule:


I have been keeping check on the most popular games and this is the order I see fit to do the tournaments:


1PM: SSF2T Teams 3v3
-PM: Vampire Savior


1PM: MvC1

The reason I have chosen to do it like this is because I had spoken to CigarBob and he told me he wanted to throw a bunch of tournaments last year but found that they took a long time. That is the reason he cut the SFA3 tourny last year. I am doing the tournaments in order of popularity. If a game does not finish on Friday it will carry over to Saturday at 1PM. If we don’t get a game in there then too bad, it’s not my fault, I am running everything as fast as possible. XvSF will be run by dog-face and he speculates it will be all weekend long. Also, reason I put SFA3 after MvC1 is because there will be SFAA tournys so that shouldn’t be a problem for people to play. Anywho, I am still finishing up the arcade stick which is coming along quite nicely. I will see everyone there on Friday.


All games will require a $5 fee. $3 will go to the pot and $2 goes to my pocket for bringing my stuff, same with dog-faces tourny. Entry and all is the same as last years so don’t complain please. There will be free play during the setup of tournys. Keep an eye out tonight for the final schedule.

Not sure what times each game is going to start but here is the run down. We will have the pools and semis for each game on Friday and finish everything on Saturday because BYOC room is closed on Sunday. Tournament schedule will be posted in the days to come. Thank you.

EDIT, ALL PLEASE READ: I need a Dvd recorder for Evo if someone would let me borrow one. I plan on recording all the matches and ul them. If you can let me borrow one for the days of Evo please post here or PM me. Thank you.

Edit for Next Evo: I have thought of it and I think I will probably be bringing arcade machines to the next Evo. I have the PS 2 Jamma adapters so playing on them wont be a problem if you are not used to the sticks on the cabinet. I was thinking about 2 or 3 candy cabs and 2 or 3 Dynamo cabs. I have one Dynamo that I need to sell as of now just because I don’t have space at my house but to get this done I would need donations from the community. Renting a U-haul and stuff like that is a lot of money. If you think this is a good idea let me know.

There were some technicalities before about how we were going to throw the arcade tourneys at Evo but everything has been solved. Dog-face and I will be throwing the tournaments. He will be doing XvSF for all the days (casual and tournament) while I on the other hand will mainly be doing tournament. The tournaments that will be thrown are:


If you guys want another tournament for another game thrown feel free to respond because I am open to suggestions. I know people wanted HSF this year but I could not get my hands on it unfortunately :sad: . If someone has a board that they are willing to lend that would be awesome.

The setup will be a dual sit down style arcade stick with p360 sticks and convex buttons. Now before people start rioting saying that the Japanese wont be able to play because they need a Sanwa style stick or there are people that don’t play on p360s listen to my solution. I have made a PSX 2 Jamma converter that will allow anybody who brings their PS2 style stick to hook it up to the arcade machine and start playing. So if you practice on pad feel free to bring your pad and play. Dog-face’s machine will have one of these as well. Also, if anyone is interested in buying one from me let me know, I can probably make one before Evo for you. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!


that sounds dope. im always down for some xsf and vs. i havent played xsf since our evo tourney last year lol. and VS is the best game. =)

tell victor he needs to answer the damn phone when the god calls =)

im ready for some XvSF. i havnt played since last year also and am looking forward to the one time of the year i can play again.

Awesome. I’ll be there for VS.

Thank god for this guy, and also thank god that there’s a PS2 attachment on the cabinet. There are NO controls on the planet worse than perfect 360s, especially when it comes to ST. At ECC we were forced to use an ST cab with 360s and after the tournament ended I played NKI in what was supposed to be a money match. During the first match, we realized that one of the 360s refused to block down-left until you almost were at the point of STANDING UP. 360s are a piece of garbage, maybe back in the day when both WICO and HAPPS were making them they were worth buying because there was competition, but for the past few years there has been nothing with trouble with these overly-expensive joystick units.

One issue I’m worried about though is where people will be placing their PS2 joysticks? Obviously we can’t use the top of the cabinet since there will already be a set of controls there, and we also might have trouble placing them on chairs in front of us because we might end up too far away from the TV. I AM NOT A LAP OR FLOOR PLAYER and neither are a lot of other people, so I’m wondering if we have a solution to this.

Awesome though, I look forward to participating in all of these side events, although I’m not really sure you need to run arcade A3 when you have it on PS2 now.

One BIG question: WHEN will these events be held? There is so much going on now, between crazy money matches, already established side-tournies like Alpha Anthologies, and of course all the singles tournaments that everyone will have to play in…any idea when these things will be going down? Time might be a major issue for me when determining what Im’ going to enter.

what is the default mapping on the ps2->jamma?

@DSP: About the sticks: that is a good question… I am really not sure :lol: . If anyone has ideas let me know.

@FMJ: The mapping for the sticks are as follows:

LP = square
MP = triangle
FP = L1/ R1
LK = X
MK = O
FK = L2/ R2

Pretty sure that’s what I set the mapping to but I’ll get back to you guys. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

that mapping is a bad layout. considering all hraps and most people have been wiring their button layout to the current default setup in capcom games, so its not a headache to setup at tourneys like evo


L buttons shouldnt be used. this would be the mandatory mapping. it takes care of mas and hraps which is what you see a lot…

How did you build the PSX to Jamma converter? Inquiring minds want to know.


Ok, I revised the mapping of the buttons. I knew it didn’t sound right. Anyway, I programed some firmware after reading how to make a micro controller. If anyone thinks that they can just build this like an arcade stick you are sadly mistaken. I used to want to be a computer programer and that was my life throughout junior high and high school but college changes all that :lol: . Anyway, I got about 100 boards made for the beta testing of these adapters and will be debuting them at Evo. At first I wanted to make something that just had a wire for each button coming out so I could just splice the wires to the Jamma harness. I later realized it would be more user friendly making a board that plugged into the Jamma board itself. So this adapter/ board is universal. I have was testing it on an MK2 board last night because that is what I had closest to me at the time. Basically you plug up the adapter straight to where the Jamma harness is supposed to go and on the other side you plug in the Jamma harness. The adapter supports up to 4 PS controllers as well. This is just a beta test and right now does not support p360s. I have to make some changes for that to happen (ie put some other chips and remake the boards). Also the final version will include a dip switch that will allow you to save up to 8 different types of button maps that you can program freely. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

i third mvc1 :slight_smile:

arturo will break ANYONE in cps2 VS

ill take you on in VS then sabin =)

whos better in VS? jeron or arturo?

tushar: that sounds dope man, i might have to buy one off you, or maybe a few =)

sabre i dont play VS really other than to just fuck around lol. dunno why kofiend said that? you got that confused with mvc1 maybe. jeron is def th ebest on the ec in that game.

yeah i was like wtf?!?! i didnt know you played vampire. i was thinking mvc1 myself. yeah jeron is good at vs. we played a little casual then our rr tourney. good fights. he knows a lot of characters.

@Sabre: Sure bro, if you need some at Evo just let me know how many. PM me bro. I opened up a small business a couple of months ago and have been building sticks like crazy for people around here. I want to get into hardware and this is the first of many things. Look out for Xbox 360 stuff next.

MvC1 huh… I’ll think about it. If anyone can sell me an MvC1 board for under $100 then I’ll do it. Thanx.

-See Ya!!!

just make sure vampire savior and xsf are there =)

yeah man ill send you a pm

A3…it’s on!