Evo Challenge: CVS2 Horse!

This is a fresh new idea, sort of, that is pretty unique.
It’s different from any other evo’s since i haven’t heard of it done before. Somewhat like the 3s Kara-Palm thread, but more variety! Feel free to elaborate with me.


Character Challenge

Select ONE character in any groove(your opponent must accept the character) and money match someone for X amount of money. Now, let’s just say the character is C-akuma:

First the person must call off the trick exactly how its done and what will happen, then the person pulls off their cool C-Akuma juggles and cancels etc and the person replicating must pull it off EXACTLY as seen(the person may ask for it written out).


a) Misses the combo: They get a letter H/P(depending if you want to play PIG or HORSE) and the originator goes again.
b) Gets the combo: now, its the replicators turn to do a C akuma combo or if accepted, another character.

This goes on until one person fully gets the word HORSE or PIG.
*Note: I think PIG should be for 5$ MMs, and HORSE for more.

Just Defend HORSE/PIG
Just Defend PIG/HOSE: there are only three/five chances to JD something interesting. If you fail to JD you get a letter; however, if you are able to complete the JD you start the next round.
ex: A vs B. A starts and JDs entire cammy drill super. B JDs entire cammy drill super. No one loses any points but the next round is started by B.

Same rules as JD HORSE/PIG but with Parry.

Roll Cancel Challenge

Test your RC skills! You money match your opponent to an RC Battle. One person choses a move to be RCed, and then it is seen who can RC the most out of 20/30/40/or maybe even 50!! RCs.
ex: The move to RC is Bison’s Psycho Crusher. Bison is set vs Ryu in training mode. Record Ryu throwing a fireball and hit play. Now everytime a fireball is approaching Bison, you RC through it with Psycho Crusher X amount of times out of 30/40/50. Make sure you are tallying or someone is tallying for you. Then your opponent goes, and if he has a higher RC percentage than you, he wins the Money Match.

Anyone have questions?

  • Gene Wong

caliagent also suggested doing a random character horse match

that would be cool for jack of all trade type peeps

good idea. it sounds hype

ill take the challenge for JD Sagats Tiger genocide

lol and how exactly do you know if you RCed the level 3 super huh?

Good idea Gene. :tup:

i believe if you do it up close on yuri you’ll cross her up :looney:

this shit is gay. why dont we just drink

That’s exactly it.

I’ll take 100$ MM to RC scum gale with iori.

close thread asap

cause if you do it, kyo noticeably pops foward… or if you do it over a small character while they are knocked down, it crosses them up. sweet.

Edit: they don’t actually have to be knocked down, it just makes it so you might actually hit the with it. yay.

LOL…I was talking about this idea with HotBoi one night then I just forgot about it after that. Glad you brought it up Gene!