Evo Check-in Is up





jalapNo - Pool O - @ 5:00PM.

Pool O stand up!


Cool. Is there any way to see who else is in your pool? FWIW, my pools are:

SF4: Pool O (I’m free!)
HDR: Pool C (Your free!)


I can’t see mine :confused:


I’m in Pool C for SF4 and 1 for TVC.


SSF4 - Pool M
HDR - Pool B


I hate my pool!!!
SSF4 - Pool A


SSF4 - Pool K.

Dear anyone else in Pool K, enjoy your free win. :smiley:


SSF4 = H
TvC = 2

I found out who’s in my SSF4/STHD pools, and I’m not liking it! :mad: :looney:


KS Shogun - pool F… Lets Go


ssf4 - Pool A.


ssf4 - pool E


Ssfiv Pool - F


SSFIV - Pool L


SSF4 - Pool H
MB:AA - Pool 4


How did you find out? I hate these threads every year, where 300 posts let you figure out 45% of the people in your pool. I wish they’d just post the pools…


ssf4 Pool J, evening pools lolol


SSFIV: Pool J! I’m hella free:angel:


SSFiV - Pool E (for early in the morning)


SSF4 Pool H
Better bring some redbull