Evo combo vids. online yet?

anyone got the maj or nki vids that premiered at evo? and the castlevania themed 3 parter as well? magnetro’s dope mvc2 counter vid is already online so im good there.


the 3 parter was mine :slight_smile: It’s called ‘vid of dreams’ and it should be up on CV.com in a few days.

desk: ah yeah, forgot it was you. good stuff and thanks for the heads up!!!

fucking galbadia hotel doesn’t have the song featured in part 3. is that song straight off the re2 soundtrack, desk?

if anything you should try looking on shadowhaxor.com place has MAAD albums for video games…and the albums dl quickly with a good connection…just a suggestion

Maj isn’t done yet, actually. He can speak to what he has left to do, but nobody should have or share a copy of it, to the best of my knowledge.

the desk vids were so fun to watch. gj

thanks, I’ll be posting a big ass thread in the video section very shortly. Oh yeah and not being at the event I seriously can’t wait to see what NKI showed off.



I haven’t had a chance to put up my vid just yet, but I hope to do so soon.