EVO Competitor Pass Sold Out


I was wondering if there will be anymore availability for the Competitor Pass for EVO for Sunday viewing (Or possibility of it ever gaining availability).


SO mad about this. FIgured id register today for AE and cant even spectate in the main ballroom. Will there be any more passes available, or does anyone want to sell me theirs?

Being as Evo is about two weeks away…I doubt it.

Also since the Evo passes are non-transferable…buying someone else’s may not work either.

I think what Mr.Wizard/EVO should do with the leftover competitor pass (the one that wasn’t claimed by Sunday morning, either due to people forgot, no show to EVO, etc.) is just have a sale for people who already got the lower tier pass, have them hand in the lower tier pass and $20-$30 fee, to upgrade it to the competitor and give the unclaimed competitor pass to those people. That way, you won’t have empty space in the hall, and people that wants to see it in person can still see it.

But I see the legal rammification with this issue (as well as the messy work behind it), so I can see why they won’t do it. It would be nice if they can do it through…

Room capacity exists.

hahaha how are you waiting til NOW to buy a pass