Evo Countdown Timezone Bug

Hi there!

I’m from The Netherlands and I noticed a huge bug on http://evo2k.com/live/

It’s counting down from 364 days, 23 hours, 25 minutes and 30 seconds… That’s not right?

Just before midnight it counted down properly. But… This is UTC+2. Central European Summer Time. We are 9 hours ahead of Las Vegas’ time.

Something says I’ve got to wait another nine hours before I can watch some content on the live-Evo-page?

it counted down to the 17th in your timezone you are already there so its already running for next year i guess.

Same here.

Evo 2010 live stream starts tomorrow! :lol:

Somebody fucked up big time :rofl:

9am in -7gmt Nevada time,
so GMT start time is 4pm July 18th… You can figure out the your start time in by using the GMT.

Why did the counter hit zero at 0:00 midnight then? It should reach zero at 4 pm GMT, right?

just ignore it… 10am pst it starts

9am Fri 17th Nevada isnt that 4AM Saturday 18th GMT? not pm… or 4pm 17th i dunno lol i think 4pm 17th something is wrong , early morning

10am in USA is ± 19h/7pm friday in europe i think.
Gonna suck that most matches will be at night then:(

The schedule says 9 am?

The counter reacts to your own PC’s time, and it hit 0:00 on the timer when your PC hit Friday the 17th.

Nothing would be streaming at midnight in Vegas, that’s just silly.

It’s going on at 10:00am PST.

aww whack

the tournament starts at like 9 am last i checked on the schedule


so… 1pm est right?

10am pst

Because whoever the website maintainer is was LAZY. It’s a simple bit of javascript, but whoever implimented it, couldn’t be arsed to set the timer zero to 0900PDST, instead of 0000PDST.