Evo Drug Testing


In order to keep a level playing field, winners should be subject to drug testing to see if they’re on beta blockers or Adderall. Which may increase performance in high stakes tournaments like Evo. Essentially they’re performance enhancers which is cheating. In professional sports. If Evo wishing to become more pro sport-like then tests like these should be manditory.

Seriously though, I don’t care, Just thought I’d bring it up to see what others thoughts on this are.

Competitive video gaming and Doping

You can’t be serious…


i think it would mostly be weed


i hear weed makes people play better. ban plx.


damn why would you blow players up and even mention this?


WOW! Just WOW!


For videogames!? Really!? Videogames!?

Do you know how much money that would cost?


Before anyone else jumps on him, I suggest reading the last sentence of his post.


If they do that then I’m never showing up.


I support this request.


I think it should also test for canadians


Speak about this in person with others, don’t post it here where trolls will blow it up to something its not. Worry more about players throwing games and splitting pots then what players use to calm them down and make them more focused. Now I am not saying that players do use this but its no secret it can help a human regardless what there occupation is.


I hear ripping off your belt, disrespecting the evo badge and drinking redbull also makes you more likely to win. Ban plz


Pretty sure it would cut down the turnout for these events drastically.




That’s an interesting idea. I’ve actually thought about the intersection of stimulants and video game competitions before. The problem is that many people have prescriptions for Adderall and some (although not all, I’m sure) really do need Adderall to help them live happy, productive lives, and I doubt that they will stop taking an effective medication to play in a video game tournament. If you ban it universally, regardless of prescription status, that isn’t fair, but if you allow people with prescriptions to take it, well, that isn’t fair either.

I have some experience playing SF on Adderall. In a way, it can be helpful. It can increase reaction abilities, but in my experience only slightly more than being well rested and in a very hype/competitive mood can. It can increase focus, but I actually think that you can go on autopilot when you’re on a stimulant like that, too. I remember one time I had won a couple of dozen ranked matches in a row and then this one guy beat me and I ended up playing him like eight times straight, continuing to lose without altering my strategy, and losing most of the points I’d gained without really knowing what had happened hahaha Finally, if you take Adderall often, it doesn’t produce nearly the same magnitude of effects, and honestly I would not want to go to EVO and compete very high on a drug I didn’t have much experience with.

In summary, in these times it’s an idea that might have to be addressed someday, but I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.


Agreed.We are an evil bunch.


It’s been said a million times, but how about a deodorant test? Lot cheaper than drug testing, benefits everyone. You fail, you gotta spray some shit on at the door.


hmmmm… maybe I can be the AXE police and just spray down offenders when they aint lookin. It does everyone else around them a favor, and you get to avoid being rude.


Volunteering myself for AXE police position at EVO.