I don’t usually buy DVD’s but this year looks like it’s gonna be pretty good (besides the finals). I know it’s kinda early to be asking but approximately how long will it take for the DVD to come out?


i was thinking the same thing
u guys should hook up a DVD for placing



There has been discussion on the Evo2K3 DVD and people posting up matches on the net themselves. This is obviously BAD for future tournaments because the DVD proceeds help to fund them. BUT, my problem with it is that not all the matches make the DVD. I am only interested in ST, I would buy a DVD with ALL the ST matches from the tourney (not just the finals), but will not buy a DVD with just a few games of ST on it and a load of stuff I have no interest in. Solution?

  1. Release a DVD of each game with many, many more matches on it (or maybe a compromise with 2 games/DVD. I know that financial pressures/potential sell through may make 1game/DVD impossible).

  2. Allow the release of all matches that are NOT on the DVD via websites and #gamecombos. Maybe releasing them slowly to generate interest in buying the DVD.

My point is really that if matches have been taped and are NOT going to be on the DVD we have a RIGHT to see them and distribute them! Do we not?



I personally think both brothers are cool they came through for me many times. I would think around the Holidays the DVDs would come out. I think should be 3 DvD box set with 1 disc being capcom games the other being Namco games and the last one being GGX and VFevo. spread the interviews out of course and put the finals and some of the best matches on all three. Design the covers with each individual games for ex: Capcom Namco and GGX VF. Also putting the Evo intro wouldnt be bad at all at least i like it. Maybe even a character bio on some of the players. The Set would sell for maybe 39.95 +SH. If you pay by Credit card you get a Evo T-shirt.:lol:


i think, in this situation where future events are dependant on the sales of dvd’s, that the best choice would be to buy one for the sake of the their being another evolution. if they dont have many of the matches you want, then go ahead and download the ones the dvd doesnt have. but at least you contributed to what would make or break evo2k4.

I expected more from Street Fighter 2

iono but how about the people who buy one get to d/l the matches that they didtnt include on the dvd i dont know how hard that would be but I’m just trying to help


There was allready a thread before Evo about this. Basically you have to understand that they can only make copies in the 1000. And who about 6 people will want namco, maybe 37 would want GGXX / VF4evo, and the rest want capcom. So what would be the point of making a 3disc boxset, tripling the price, and decreasing the # of people that will buy it. I say just make a disc of capcom games and sell it for a similar price from last year. I wont pay for extra shit (non capcom games) if its on there, too fucking expensive in the first place.


I’ll pay for whatever they put out. The tourney was that good.

Everyone who doesn’t plan on supporting them should just shutthefuckup