EVO DvD opinons

Just got my EVO 2006 dvd =). It’s great but theres things I thought/ wished was on there.

From watching the trailer (100 times) I assumed that the DvD would also have live footage of the players and crowd response. (not just the sound) Like when Duc got up and threw his shirt or when players win show them jumping up yelling and stuff.

Player interviews before and after.

More matches! Lol, I hope I’am not sounding greedy but a top 10 matches from the pools (instead of just top 8) would be cool.

Just my 2 cent Idk if these or similar issues have been talked about so just use gentle insults when responding to my thread :wonder:

Yeah I agree.

While I’m thrilled that the quality has improved greatly over the previous years, I’m kind of disapointed at the amount of footage.

The 2K5 dvds seemed to have twice as much footage on the 2-d side compared with the 2k6 dvds.

And yes, interviews would have been a good addition like in the B4, B5 and evo2k4 dvds.

There are interviews and such on the 3D disc, too bad you only bought the 2D.

:rofl: JACKED!

There are a lot of Buktooth videos missing in the finals. That is my only complaint. I would still have bought it regardless.

Actually I did buy the 3D disc. I made this post after viewing just the 2D. That still doesn’t address my point. Why not have interviews for each game on it’s own disc as opposed to having to buy both to see interviews. And the actually footage of players while playing and after winning. There was actually only two games I wanted to see on the 3D (DoA and GG). So what I’am saying is it would be more logical to have them seperate.

Anyway… are they still selling the EvO 2k4 6 disc DvD?

yeah i was hopin 1 dvd per game like 2k5… so itll cover more matches and such… the subtitle part was useless btw… i dissappears after a few seconds…

but i guess thats ok when budget is limited… or was it?..

Let Mike Ross/Preppy handle anytype of evo footage coverage/releasing.

Oh yeah, let them run evo while they’re at it + watts assist.

How long do you need to know which side a player’s on? Would you like subtitles and constant reminders to remember which side you’re playing on also?

no u idiot thats how 2k4 dvds were! dousche! thats why you turn the thing off! duh! there are more than 1 match! anyways dont hate

I ordered my EVO DVD on May 14, 2007 and still havent recieved it. :sad: :sad:

one bounced back from florida, pm me your address. if it is yours, you will have to pay shipping again for it to be reshipped.

No problem PM sent.