Evo DVD teaser?

Fuck that shit. Let’s see…Duc gets carried off by the entire WC…LOTS of tekken 5 footage since the US owned team japan…and AMAZING no footage of ST! GEE I WONDER WHY…maybe because I did so well?

No offense but after EVO last year, ST has gotten a second wind…a new life so to speak and lots of people are playing it that never before even tried…yet it still seems to get shit on. I FUCKING FLIPPED OFF THE CROWD AND OWNED THAT SHIT ON CAMERA. Nobody wants to see Duc win with a team that he hasn’t improved since 2002 besides WC heads who are mad that Justin has won every fucking MvC2 tournament since B5…

If you want to sell DVDs, try to emphasize the things that made EVO 2k5 own. NOT the boring shit that nobody cares about. AKA grow some balls and make a real trailer. Oh wait, I forgot, the DVDs aren’t even fucking coming out…it’s too taboo to have an EC head win who speaks the TRUTH.

Truth hurts :sad:

Get’em home boy!

lol @ this fat fuck who thinks everything revolves around him.

Your ego is so fucking huge.

Your antics on stage at evo were childish and disrespectful. I, like most ppl, find you anoying. The reason ST has had some kind of a comeback has nothing to do with you. HSF2 on ps2/xbox is the main reason. Then you have great ppl like NKI teaching everyone on the ST thread. I remember you came in there one time and not one thing that you posted about ST was even true.

Keep playing your Vega and just wait to get owned up at EVO 06 and MWC. But unfortunatly no matter how bad of a beating you take you will still have a huge ego.

“2005 U.S. Super Street Fighter II Turbo National Champion” - Umm how did you do in the 3v3? If you are truly the national champ you should have placed high in that too. And you need to amend that line if you signature. It should read 2005 U.S. PS2 Super Street Fighter II Turbo National Champion on console cuz i cant hang on an actual arcade cabinet. But thank god for console cuz now i can feel good about my self"

^^ i second that^^


Duc’s homies celebrating with him after his win and Crow being carried offstage makes me think, “wow, those guys are hardcore. this is serious business”

One guy flipping off the crowd and spouting obscenities in his interview makes me thing, “wow, that guy’s an asshole”

We are trying to grow the scene, and a bunch of people who have never been to Evo buy the DVD. For those people, the DVD, teaser, and trailer are all advertisements for the next Evo. Which message do you think is more effective?

Amen to that brother:tup:

if last year’s evo was any indication for st, it was that any chump can make top 8 in this dumb game. why don’t you ever brag about how i beat you in like… a combined 60 seconds in the winners bracket? wasn’t that an awesome moment for st too?

Holly shit! Buck laying down the law.

Last i remember you really dont even play the game.

Fucking DSP.

is there anyway someone can create a dsp alarm to sound whenever he posts, so that someone can go and own him?

That must be on because it keeps happening

Have to admit that comparing to the previous one ( for me, the best was the one with Namie Amuro’s EVOLUTION songs / the one with “Daigo’s all parys” was very good too ), for me, this one really sux :confused:

Duke’s got that adhd, that “I need prozac” that “I call cats nerds, even though i religiously watch wrestling” that “that’s that haze” that “I didn’t even place in the money, but I’m still nice ego.”

Viet Daigo put you in losers, HE’S NICER THAN YOU.

also, YOU’RE A HEADLINER ON THE TRAILER. I dunno what more do you want? rename evo to dspcomestocali…