Evo dvd

Hey I wanted to know how long were gonna wait for this year’s Evo dvd. I just wanna replay Me vs Fagnatic about 4 times on my flat screen Tv. Also I wanna give out a shout out to the Evo staff for running one of the best tournaments i been to. Evo 2k9 can’t Wait! Please don’t remove mvc2 lol.

ugh young avila!!!

erik/gnat = best rivalry in marvel

shit is toooooo good

Will there eb an EVO DVD Trailer this year?

Any word on the dvd release?

mr wiz said thanksgiving

I could give 2 fucks about Marvel at evo this year…All I wanna see on the dvd is John Choi showing them Japs wassup.

You mad. :lol:

Supposedly yes but that’s all up to James.