EVO DVDs Three left for the 07/08 collection


Three copies left!



Are these just 07 and 08?


Awesome! I just bought the 08+07 bundle. Any idea how long these take for shipping?


they will ship tomorrow.

and yes there is only 2007 and 2008, and disc 2 of 2006 which is all the 3d games.


I bought the 2K7 set – awesome sale.


I snagged a 2008 set at Evo…until they were STOLEN from my camcorder bag.


Anyone in NYC want to go half and half? I really want to see these dvd’s.


I’ll purchase them. When they come in, we’ll make the exchange.

Pm me for details


LOL, shouldn’t be saying that out loud :nono:


Copped me the 2K7 set. :bgrin:

Got the 2K8 set back on release day.


Hmm, I ordered 2008 disc 2 only, but when it came in my mail today, I also got 2007 disc 2. I find this kind of strange, that’s all.


Finally i can buy this beauty, but in the evo2k.com i soldout for 2k7 & 2k8 pack…

There is any chance to get one of this MrWizard?


Order here dude:



is the same page i check…
Evo 2k7&2k8 pack, push in the paypal buttom, and then put it that is sold out :xeye:.

Waiting for MrWizard happy answer


Damn :frowning:
Evo 2k7 & 2k8 package is sold out.


They sent me 2 copies of everything :confused:


So the 2008 DVDs are sold out and out of print? Dang, I was going to wait and see if there was going to be a 2008/2009 DVD package. Oh well. =/


They’ve said for months now that 2009 would not be coming out on DVD because IGN had exclusive rights. Not trying to be a dick, just pointing out that you were waiting on something that everyone knew wasn’t gonna happen.


I just put the last 3 copies of the 2008/2007 combo pack in stock on the evo2k.com site. These are the last copies known to man.

Get them before they are gone!


Wasn’t the 07/08 set $50? Now it’s $70?


it was a sale, the sale has ended.