EVO DVDs Three left for the 07/08 collection

Well if no one takes them I’ll take another set for $50. :smokin:

I already have the 2k7 set, so I want is the 2k8 discs, but I’m not paying $70 for 2k7 again and 2k8. I have plenty of over fighting game videos I can watch.

The 08s have been sold out for a while even in the set.

There are zero available.

Is this the right thread to get the B5 VHS?

I’m just kidding.

Wiz, let’s keep our Xmas shopping for each other to a $40 minimum. Recession and all.

snagged a 2k7 set.:lol:

All I want is for you to be our waiter at your restaurant!

It would be my pleasure.

i see that the 2003-2004 dvds are on sale but i was wondering if there is commentary on them?

No, there isn’t.

Where do you see those?

I would die to buy Evo 2k4 dvds, i own 2k2, 2k3, 2k6, 2k7…
another wave of all dvds would be great =)