Evo DVDs


Thanks to the generosity of SRK and with loving help from Magnetro, MJ_R, Toshin, and Jae, the Evo2k2, Evo2k3, Evo2k4, Evo2k5, Evo2k6, Evo2k7, and Evo2k8 DVDs are now available as a thank you bonus to SRK members.

Downloadable Versions

Using them
They’re spanned RAR files - you will need to download all the RARs for that disc, open the first RAR with WinRAR, export the ISO, and then burn it to DVD (for example with ImgBurn). (Or mount the ISO, whatever.)
You can directly play them in VLC.
You can burn the ISO using Nero or ImgBurn.

YouTube Playlists

If there’s anything missing, it’s entirely possible that I forgot it or didn’t figure anybody would notice. Lemme know if anything is missing/wrong. :smile:


The standard ISO images were created using ImgBurn.

The Evo2k5 CvS2&ST and GGXX discs are up thanks to MJ_R and Toshin. :tup:
The Evo2k4 Tekken 4, Tekken Tag, Soul Calibur 2, and Virtua Fighter 4: Evo discs are up thanks to Jae. :tup:

Old Evo DVDs
Zachd.com/mvc2 video thread

Thanks for these. I’ve been looking all over the place since I missed out on getting them back then. What better place to find them than SRK?

EVO 2004 DVD
Looking for Evo DVD's

thank you so much, guys.
appreciate all the hardworks for all these years
these vids are really should be release, to use as a benchmark for all FGC all over the world


Oh good God this is TOO GOOD. I live in Venezuela so its near impossible to grab a copy of any of these. Thanks Preppy and thanks to the srk and EVO staff. This will be my own xmas gift =D


awesome !!!
need to buy a new hard drive to store those :slight_smile:


Thanks for the upload! Gotta make sure this footage doesn’t fade away with the VHS and DVD era. Long live the glory days of old man games.


Thanks to everyone who made this possible, and glad to see this footage being made available for the whole community to enjoy



Thanks to everybody who made these possible, and here’s to hoping we can get EVO 2009 and 2010 too!


Much appreciated.


Thank you so much! This is baller!
Gonna watch 2k2 3S.
The year U.S. players woke up lol


damn, thank you so freaking much. This is awesome!!! I believe a lot of people will be interested in watching the tournament pre evo series. Since in many countries the scene still small and always look up at what the EVO series is today, but really don’t know how it all started. Again thank you so much for this…


This is absolutely fucking amazing.

Thank you


Thank you so much, I’ll have to spend some time during my vacation this month to watch over all these videos.


my friend, i heart you



Evo 2008 was the last year they put out DVDs. :smile:


Ah, that sucks, sorry. I didn’t hear about EVO until 2009 actually, so the first one I saw any of live was a couple matches from 2010. I actually didn’t know that.


This is great. Any chance for torrents, just for ease of downloading?


They had Mario Kart!?

EDIT: also thank you so much preppy, and everyone else who lead to this being shared. you’re such a peach <3


EPIC!!! Been waiting for these vids for a long-ass time. Thank you SRK + Preppy! Happy Holidays!

Peace out!



I remember when this used to be a premium benefit.

Sad to know that era is gone, but glad to see these available again, Preppy!