Evo DVDs


Guys Im having errors burning Evo 2k7 disk 2, always at 79%. Either with Nero or Img Burn =( I have the 2nd re upload. Funny: It plays ok mounting it on a virtual drive. Any hints?


I know I’ve brought this up before, and I know there isn’t a DVD for it, but why is there essentially zero footage of EVO 2009 save for a 240p version of the SF4 Grand Finals? It just seems really odd to me that there’s all this footage for the EVO’s beforehand, and even EVO 2010, with all the footage holes for that, has the T6, TVC, and SSF4 Top 8’s available, with the Grand Finals for MVC2 and Melty Blood as well. So uh…was there some technical error that made the footage get erased or something, because it kind of comes across as “the forgotten EVO” in a sense like that in terms of available footage.

And well, if footage does exist and people can point me in the right direction, then thanks in advance.


I remember IGN had all the DF from EVO 2009 in HD. Dont know if they still do.


I remember checking yesterday and while they had links to stuff (I only really checked the SF4 videos) none of the IGN ones seemed to work, at least, not anymore.


Anybody have a copy of the IGN archives and want to send them to me for posterity for starters? I made a note to check in on that.


I bought IGN Prime and confirmed that most of their Evo footage seems to be gone now. Hitting up the Evo gang to get the ball rolling. :\


Thanks man, I just want to say I appreciate all the work you’ve been putting in and I’m sure somebody has the footage out there, so hopefully they’ll step in to help out. If I ever stumble across any footage at all from it, I’ll let you know ASAP.


With boundless thanks and love to Chen and Wiz, they’ve been resurrected:

YouTube availability is an absolute no-go at this time, but may be revisited.


Sweet! Major thanks to you and everyone that helped you get those!


Aloha from Hellas (Greece) guys , awesome job of trying to put them all together.
Many of the links doesnt seem to work , doesn anoyone know where could i find them?any help would be much appreciated , thnx in advance =)


My hosting provider is wonky right now. These and other things may be offline indefinitely on my side.


Then it seems that it is fucked up for me.
If anybody happens to see my post and knows something then plz let me know cause i mostly want it for community purposes as i am trying to do some serious job here.
Thanks everyone regardless =)


No, I’m the guy you’d want to talk to here as regards those URLs. Those URLs are currently deliberately offline due to my problems with my hosting provider. I’ll respond to your PMs with temporary URLs, I guess.

Sorry: my hosting provider has been fine for a long time and just decided to be a dick last month. Still figuring out how to deal with it.


The videos from the links that are up on your Youtube channel are still fine, so we can still check those out, right?




I dont have prob waiting for everything to be settled.it would be better for me if you could PM please :smile:

As far as i chekced there ,ones of 2004 is missing Tekken which i mostly need :smile:


Amazing upload guys! :smiley:
Wish someone could upload all the DVD’s as a single torrent though, hate downloading all these parts…
But still, great work!



I sent you a message, don’t know if you noticed. I have the complete footage from Evo2k9. on the archive there is a lot of stuff that is missing. I could provide it for the archive if you want.


It’s on my list to respond to, just been busy - heading off to Portland for the weekend in 30 minutes. =P


I uploaded all the stuff I have from Evo2k9. as far as I know that is all the match footage that was released back then. I did my best to make sure that the file names are correct, but regarding semis I don’t know the brackets. if anyone should notice an error with the player names or other things, let me know.



MEGA - 141 files, 40.81 GB