Evo East 2 on 2 results & Vids


ps sup

pps great misclick in brackets lol

lol, hey it was NP to fix and atleast it didnt stress me out too much.

up through 7th place is posted.

haha it’s all good i was going to lose my next game no matter what misclick or not :confused: just glad i got my rightful “place” no matter how awful it was and i’m thankful you were willing to fix a mistake an admirable quality in someone running a tournament!

and next time we need more than 2 tvs. we (as in my roommates) tried bringing one down but there werent enough plugs for another setup. hopefully you can kick off the 1.5 people playing cfe/st, (specially when there was another st setup) next time :confused:

:confused: Where? :confused:

yea man, we need to get like 4 sets going

When can we expect to see the vids?

Haha I lost to Ill Will in the singles 3s tournament but I think I lost to him in the team tournament too. Shodokan: able to confirm or deny? That would be too funny.

do you have the full brackets? That would be nice

I’m still pulling my hair out over that messed up Tengu Stone reset.

The response from the crowd went something like this:


Team Space Adventure > Team Better than Team Space Adventure

Also, you don’t wear pants. That is hilarious.

All this time and no vids? Heh…even if it’s vids of me getting my butt kicked cuz I know there’s plenty of that…

The tournament brackets don’t lie my friend. Team Better Than Team Space Adventure is OFFICIALLY better than Team Space Adventure.

sure, i will post a screenshot later

also DJ i will do some vids tonight after i play on XBL a bit, im fiending for more 3s.

That seems to be my claim to fame.

If it is not, I intend to make it so.

Well I’m not going to be known for my 3s skills so better to be known for something.

Get on it :smiley:

none takin as u saw from casuals i have alot of work ahead of me too

vids dammit!!!

Cb you shouldve been here we could have been team yun

team walter is GARBAGE! :lovin: