Evo East 3s 2 on 2 Team Tournement

Time: Firday night at 6pm
Place: BYOC
Entry Fee: 10$ per team
Video: Recorded to DVD
System: ps2 (obviously)
Tournement Style: Double Elimination
Bracketing: Random Via Computer or #s out of hat
Prize Structure: Winner Take All

There is a 5 minuet DQ rule going to be in effect… so stay around!

You may not have two of the same characters on the same team or switch characters during the tournement… so pick who you are gona stick with.

Super arts are allowed to be changed like usual.

Team order is allowed to be changed.

Teams signed up
Hol Dat & Project Justice
Peter “Supaman” & Ricky "Sandybags"
Shodokan123 & ?

I want this to be as successful as i can have it be… so GET HYPE! and have fun.

Count me in!

I think 3 on 3 and 30$ per team would be better.

i think 9v9 and $0.50 a team would be best

that takes mad long to do… i dont want the thing to go on all day long lol

I say 2 on 2 is cool. Makes it easier to disqualify teams that dont show up. :lol:

Seriously…sounds fun if it can get pulled off. Definitely would have to do this on Fri tho so it doesn’t coincide with the tourney starting Sat.

i have a 9 man squad bring it

I like Eric K/Khang vs a bunch of East Coast heads. Won’t make it to Evo though. :sad:

I am a 9man squad(NO really I look llike 9 men in 1) Bring it!! I’ll lose 8 on purpose and beat you with 1…Now thats Real Talk…and we are thru!!

First post updated.

count me in on this.

Any one want to team up with me.
I’m a scrub by the way.

so 9v9 it is. the crowd has spoken.

Peter “Supaman” and Ricky “Sandybags” please.

Team Maine FTW.

how bout starting lil earlier

ok jon. what time?

I’m not sure if they’re playing, but probably. ;p

I want vids! Youtube that shit.

Btw: Did you play against Tom (Knuckledust) last year at Evo East? If so, I think you played against my joke chun before Marvel started to help warm up my hands. (all I could do in 3s at that time was trip, lol!) Anyway good shit.

like an hour or two

k, changed to 7 pm

Why not Sat after the 3S tourney? I was hoping to skip out of evo friday since nothing’s goin down for 3S. Saves time and money…