Evo East 3S results

Winners 1. Hold Dat (Ken) vs. Exodus (Yun, Ken) - Hold Dat 2/0
Winners 2. Justin Wong (Ken, Chun Li) vs. Jiggabry (Ken) - Justin 2/1
Winners Finals. Hold Dat (Ken) vs. Justin Wong (Yun) - Justin 2/0

Losers 1. Paul Wall (Akuma) vs. Aneurysm X (Dudley) - Paul Wall 2/1
Losers 2. J.Juice (Urien) vs. Smoothcat (Chun Li) - J.Juice 2/0
Losers 3. Paul Wall (Akuma) vs. Jiggabry (Ken) - 2/0
Losers 4. J.Juice (Urien) vs. Exodus (Yun) - Exodus 2/0
Losers 5. Paul Wall (Akuma) vs. Exodus (Yun) - Exodus 2/0
Losers Finals. Hold Dat (Ken) vs. Exodus (Yun) - Exodus 2/0

Grand Finals. Justin Wong (Chun Li) vs. Exodus (Ken, Yun) - Justin Wong 3/0

Justin Wong is the winner

I think these results are accurate. Post corrections if needed.

Oh fuck, Jiggabeast the only person to take a match off Wong.

another dude almost put wong into losers, by a throws worth of health lol.

GOOD SHIT HOLD DAT sorry about thinking you sucked apparently you got way better than when i last saw you or something!

wong vs exodus wasn’t very fun to watch sadly :frowning: exodus got rocked pretty hard it seemed.

some pretty good dude cheated in 3s money matches/tournament or something, i saw some dude in system options and thought nothing of it until someone was doing genei jin combos for 80% damage and refusing to play on any tv but that one.

shitloads of people ended up playing friends/training buddies which sucked really hard, not even like later on or anything first and second rounds respectively. it felt like the brackets just fucked everyone over!

teams was fun stuff.

those matches would be correct.

jiggabry can divide by zero

Lol hold that got 3rd good shit matt

Pretty good and cheated shouldn’t be together.

I think someone is gonna be in debt.

Or maybe cheated good. That sounds better.

no hes actually pretty good but he also cheated

which makes it even more pathetic i guess.

Describe said person, I’ve got an idea about who it is.

Its Samir.

dudes cheating people out of money. and it tourney. wow, that’s some straight bitch shit.

lame on his part

I’m surprised he didn’t get his ass beat. shrugs

henry was going to punch him/jiggabry out after they confirmed that the damage settings on the setup that justin was playing samir on were at 4 stars and not 3

samir is good, it’s sad that they did that.

henry will prob post the details later.

Good job Exo, kickass. And nice work to Hold Dat, best pad user ever.

my thoughts exactly.

Henry has maturity and a level head and i respect him for it cause i woulda beat the living shit outta that kid. you pay money to come out, rent a hotel, have fun and then have someone cheat is fuckin ridiculous. Props to sensei Cen for keeping his cool.

Lord knows what most of us would have done to that piece of shit

Where’s my money match Hold Dat? Pad warriors FTW. Good shit on qualifying. GS also to everyone else that qualified.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Great job Antoine and Jiggabry for holding down that shit!

good shit to Jigga, that guy doesn’t even play 3rd strike.

i got your call…but i guess i didnt hear it through all the noise during casuals. next time we do it up for sure. 3s is crack…and we are addicted lol


all day

congrats on top 3, i was yellin for you